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  • Monday 22 June 2015

    Bloggertipstricks Ankit Singla Interview Reveiw

    Ankit Singla
    Looking into blogging there has been a huge success that has been visible among the new bloggers as they have been doing brilliantly well with their blogs which has been able to generate huge amounts of followers through their blogs over the past two years and one of these blogger we are going to review is Ankit Singla a Blogger who started Blogging in 2013 with his Blog Bloggertipstricks which was first launched on the Blogger platform with the purpose of helping other bloggers to blog successfully.

    Today we are going to cover some special extracts from some of his key strategies that he has used to promote his blog for the suitable results that has made his one year blog to get an Alexa rank of 8k by The end of January 2015 .

    Introduction To Blogging

    Ankit Singla Started blogging when he was introduced to a seminar on Making money online which Persuided him to start his first Blog in 2010 after years of research about blogging before getting to know the Blogger service.

    The Social Media Campaign

    According to the words that were shared by ankit Singla on his blogging interview that he has no secret to getting traffic to his site but was only able to accomplish through the use of Facebook as a social media site.

    The Best SEO power tool

    When looking at the secret by Ankit Singla he made his reference to his SEO success to be on page SEO which focuses more on the post content instead of off page SEO which has a lot to do with Social Media and backlinks, the question that you may ask is why does a blog get to be famous simply by using on Page SEO as the best method of increasing search traffic? well the answer is simple because on page SEO is the primary optimization method which search Engines will use to rank a blog. Maybe you might have noticed the rank of Ajaxsurf on search as the site has a rank of zero since we are currently using a sub domain but we are topping the search results and have got thousands of visitors coming into the site from search engines . If you want to learn more about off page SEO and on page SEO please read after completing this article.

    Looking at one of the strategies used by this successful blogger we have also found that he uses social media as his main traffic source even though he thinks that social media is his weakness but he is doing really great in it. Facebook is the current leading marketing social network due to it great number of online users.

    Working on SEO Experiments

    SEO experiments is "Blogger newbies" do according to the statement that was made by the Ankit Singla of Bloggertipstricks as he said that he also did the so called SEO experiments which did not work for him as they seemed to be a waste of time for him.
    SEO experiments are actually good for new bloggers as they will help them position their blogs the right way which will benefit them into successful blogging, but for experienced bloggers the use of tools and experiments is just a waste of time and money because it takes away the time that you would have used for something better.
    The Use of SEO tools are not very bad at all as they can also help increase the rank of your site and the loved tool is the Google Keyword planner which is recommended by many webmasters.

    The Affiliates that boost the Blog revenue

    Well blogging is not just done for the fun of doing it but will require some efforts to be put by the Blogger to make money online, according to the interview with Ankit Singla done by BlogIdeas , Ankit Singla mentioned Affiliates as the best way in which a blogger will get more trust from the readers as these hosting companies have years of experience and success which means that having a relationship with them will boost your site.

    Is it Good to use Black Hat SEO in a White Hat way

    Using Blackhat SEO has become a major thing on Search Engines as it has made search engines to take a stand towards this type of SEO bringing very dangerous algorithms which has caused many sites on the internet to suffer in both traffic and Google rank, blackhat SEO can bring good results but the consequences of it are very hard to cope with as the ban is usaully long term which means that all your hardwork will vanish in no time until the search engine reconsiders your site.

    The Secret in Affiliate Networking

    Making money using affiliate programs has been very hard for many Bloggers around the world as it happened that the readers don't get to trust the blog author as they should resulting in the blog getting affected as  a result of low subscriptions and income. As a blogger the only way to make money from your blog is none other than getting the readers into trusting your site more.
    As a blogger I have found it hard to make money online for about one year  until I had to restart my blogging career and build a much better interface for my blog readers which was strongly built with trust and lasting promises.

    I want to thank you very much for reading this awesome Review on Bloggertipstricks interview, please feel free to ask questions on the comments box, stay blessed.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Thanks for sharing this awesome interview with Ankit Singla.
      I am an avid reader of his blog, BloggerTipsTricks. He is one of the most popular and leading bloggers. I truly admire him. One thing with her is he’s very open to help and that makes the secret of success in blogging. really i learn many things from this interview. He always gives good and honest advice i meet her personally BlogX conference August 2016.
      I follow your blog regularly. I hope this post will help all bloggers to increase their product reviewsmy blog. www.adwock.com/
      Keep the good content coming, and I’ll be sure to return to this blog for some more great content.Keep inspiring other bloggers, I hope you’re having a great week.
      Happy Blogging :)


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