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  • Tuesday 23 June 2015

    Bing Rises as Google Biggest Competition

    Google Biggest Competition

    Bing is really gaining its momentum as a potential competitor to the Google search Engine in getting most searches from USA as the numbers of Bing users users have been increasing at a great rate compared to the other search Engines which shows that Bing may be the biggest competitor to Google as it owns over 20% of the  searches made in USA which indicates that the leading search engine Google still dominates with the most searches made on the internet. The growth of Bing is very promising as was at no position to compete with Google as of today Bing is nowhere to compete with Google, but at a promising position.

    When it was first launched in 1 June 2009 as Live search it wasn't successful as planned by Microsoft which caused them to replace the normal Live search with Bing which was a bit smarter as it was a great change that was brought by Microsoft.
    Looking at Bing's so much success, we have to ask much on whats was the key strategy that was made by Bing it rising from being a failed search engine into being a leading search engine after Google. The Vice president of Bing Search team Derrick Connell has confirmed that the secret of Bing was to simply display the best  search results compared to the Google Search Engines as they are bringing some best improvements compared to Google which has made many internet users to use Bing instead of Google.

    Bing has gone from being a joke, because seriously it was not treated or respected when its was launched as it was the result of a failed live search engine by Microsoft and today has become the second best. The upcomming windows 10 software is expected to have the Bing's data-crunching software technolgy intergrated in its Software as confirmed by Seattle Times on their website.
    This shows that as a blogger or a webmaster should take a huge consideration into the bing search engine as it is increasing in popularity and works together in hand with the Yahoo search engine to bring quality search results to it users. This merge also brought an Advertising service known as media.net which is the closest competitor to the Google Adsense advertising network. Like Adsense media.net is very strict when it comes to approvals as they have some polices that helps manage approval, for sites with more than 1000 daily pageviews get easily approved as they are looking foward to overcome Google Adsense in the near future.

    Companies have joined hands with Bing to start selling Ads using its advertising network which is not really expensive to use and it has been a great source of traffic for many blogs after Google in providing quality search traffic. It is also used by Ajaxsurf as we have registered ealier this year on the Bing webmasters tools to get our site on their Index.
    Bing is growing into by a great rate and I would motivate that you submit your site to their webmaster tools and you will really love getting traffic from them. Suppose you got any questions and information regarding this post please feel free to submit to us on the comment box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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