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  • Monday 25 May 2015

    How to Increase Your Blog Alexa Rank to Under 100k

    You may have heard heard stories about bloggers who were able to increase the alexa rank of their blog to less than 100k, Yes it probably seems impossible but let me tell you that unless you believe in yourself you can master the blogging success leader. In this post I will share with you important tips that will help boost your blog and help you get to the top of the ladder with an Alexa Rank of less than 100,000 .

    There are millions of Site/blogs online which are bringing services and products online serving billions of internet of internet users online and these sites and blogs are ranked according to their search performance, Traffic and recognition. Having a good Alexa rank is the most important thing that any blogger has to take seriously because alexa does not just rank your site on its server but it is also used by search engines to rank sites on the search results and to give internet users information about the sites that they use.

    Benefit of Ranking less than 100k

    Ranking less than 100k will not only boost your site but it will also attract a lot of clients to your site which includes advertising services, companies offering product reviews, niche related brands and a lot other services online. So any site that ranks well is more likely to make more money online.

    Improve Social Media Sharing on your Blog

    Social Media plays a great role in bringing traffic without the use of SEO, social media is like a passive traffic machine because it allows readers to share your posts online and in turn the thing gets to happen with the other reader until the message about your published post get recognised by people who dont even know your blog.

    Dont focus on Alexa

    This is the mistake that most webmasters make, do not blog with the purpose of increasing your Alexa rank but your main purpose should be reader satisfaction, in every post that you post on your blog you must write in a way that will convince new visitors into signing up for your blog, your blog posts must be high quality and and fully optimized for better ranking in the search engines. Focussing more on Alexa will harm your site because the primary person that your site should forcus on is the reader and most importantly you must becareful about focusing on Alexa because it may cause you to use tools that will manipulate your site rank.

    As a blogger it is very important that you put your blog first in everything that you do, your posts and writing style must be good and have a minimum of 200 words each which is acceptable for high quality content but more of all I will recommend that you have a minimum of 500 words which will help your blog post to rank even more higher on search engines.

    Be Responsive to your readers

    Alexa and Google will also use the "Site Activity" to rank a site on its servers because the more user activity a site has the better, the use of the comment box, related post widget and interbal linking is quite the best way that can be used to motivate the readers into participating more on your blog which will help improve the User Session and also reduce the Site Bounce Rate , the user session and the bounce rate are the important things that must be considered to rank a site in the search engines.

    Signup for Alexa Boostup

    I am sure that you are familiar with alexa boostup, Alexa boostup is a site that will help you boost your site Alexa rank in a simple way.

    Alexa Boostup is the number one service that helps you increase the alexa rank of your site without having to install any software on your browser or your Computer, this service is absolutely free and easy to use. Try it now and you will get the best out of Alexa Boostup.

    Write a Review about Alexa

    Alexa just like any other site has competitors and wants to rank well on as bad as want to rank which means that Alexa does want do follow backlinks as bad as you want them, Alexa is a site just as any other sites on the internet. Writing a post that will link to their service will really help your site to rank really well on its server which will likewise cause your  search engines rank to increase since Alexa is used by many search engines to rank websites online, I know it may sound crazy but believe me it works ! , Just try it by writing a review on alexa and you will see the difference, this has not been confirmed just by me only but it has been confirmed by many webmasters online.

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    I have seen many bloggers sharing their success stories about how they were able to increase their Alexa rank so fast and surprisingly most will motivate that you should link back to alexa or just write a review about Alexa and you will get a better alexa rank.

    Try to set your blog as a home page on any browser you may use.

    This sounds funny really but this is what I have done recently to improve my Alexa Rank, I simply had to add an Alexa toolbar and set my site as the home page on any browser that I used whether it is an internet cafe, Library computers, workstation or not but that is how we made it, we just made by simply setting our blog as the home page which will get us new readers and also some extra pageviews and Ad impressions which will help boost your site.

    At University I saw that there was a huge number of computers that were being used by the students which gave me a chance to Add my site as one of the homepages which was the driving force of the web traffic I got and which did not improve my Alexa rank only but also helped my site to rank better on the search engines due to activity. If your friends got computers just as them to add your site as one of the home pages and motivate them to install the Alexa toolbar on their Internet Browser, its that simple .

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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