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  • Thursday 21 May 2015

    How to Create Evergreen Content on Blogger/Wordpress

    Quality Content is the biggest ranking factor that can increase you Blog traffic, Subscribers etc. For that certain time period after being published, quality content will boost the rank of you blog for a certain period but Evergreen Content will boost your blog content like forever because it will bring passive traffic to your blog and increase your blog revenue. In this post I will display The Hows, Whats and Whys of Evergreen Content for your blogspot or Wordpress blog  which will give you an Idea of the concept Evergreen Content and how can it be Added rightly in a Blog.

    The Title of your blog post plays an important role as it brings your blog into a good position in search engines and on the readers eye, You post title must be simple and stick directly to a certain target, Suppose you wanted to write about content marketing tips  then your Title should be like this >>> Content Marketing Tips for Bloggers or Tips to Content Marketing , your Blog post titles must be short and have enough keywords and try to be simple and don't use words that are hardly searched on Search Engines, The title examples I used above are likely to improve your impressions and traffic as they got most searched keywords and phrases such as  Content Marketing Tips, Marketing Tips for Bloggers, Tips for Blogger or Marketing tips , these are the ideal search phrases and keywords for the title in the example used.

    It have been a major problem for blogging beginners as they have been having problem with writing blog posts that never go viral, most of the beginner blogs are very familiar with the term evergreen content but producing such content has been a huge task for them. Writing content that last forever on the readers eyes is probably the best thing that any blogger may require in order to increase their blog traffic or readership.

    The How, What And Why of Evergreen Content
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    Infographic created by: KOL Limited

    Evergreen Content Strategy

    Having a strategy for your blog posts is the best way to keep your blog running, as a blog author or publisher it is very important that you keep your blog posts linked at a certain style or way which can help improve your blog readership because blog readers are mostly interested in the writing style of the author and also on the way at which the blog operate which includes the quality of posts and the reliability of the sources linked with the blog.
    The type of Evergreen content produced by your blog will play a big role to your blog  and that is the main reason I will share this post to give you quality strategies to producing evergreen content that goes viral.

    • Internal linking through the your most read posts.
    Internal linking may seem to be useless but to let you know, internal linking is the best strategy used by Google to interlink between certain posts as it will enable blog posts to rank and most importantly it creates a data structure which will boost the strength of lower ranking pages on your site.
    Wikipedia uses internal linking to link it posts which is known as Structured data which highly liked by the Google Search Engine and Bing. The use of structured data by websites is key really as it will help improve them. Internal linked can be just as powerful as backlinking as it can create great potential for your site.
    Internal linking is not only about SEO but it can bring a lot of help to the blog readers who are looking for certain content on the blog to find it just by clicking on an internal link, for example the reader is reading a post on how Install the Blogger Shortcode Plugin  and within the reader finds a link on How to install the Facebook Page plugin using Shotcode, and the reader will simply get help just by opening the internal link.

    • Write simple posts that can be understood by any Blogger
    If you are writing blog posts, you must be simple as possible to the readers and always write at the beginner level which will make all of your blog readers to have a clear understanding of what you are writing about because it is very true that not all of your blog readers are as experienced as you are in the blogging niche, some are very new into blogging and they need posts which are as simple as possible to give a clear understanding to the reader. Maybe you might have visited sites as eHow and Wikihow, these sights have very simple post layouts which can be easily understood by any reader on the net whether it is a child,a newbie or a professional it will make no difference at all because all of their topics are simple and easy to understand.

    There are many more ways which can use to create Evergreen content on your Blogspot or Wordpress blog, you content has to be evergreen. If you got any questions or tips you want to share with us towards this topic please feel free to ask on the comments box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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