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  • Tuesday 5 May 2015

    How To Enrich a Dying/Dead blog

    Starting a blog that generates tons of traffic can really make one happy, but the truth has to be faced that there are some terrible moments where your Blog  is dying and losing blog readers constantly. Such moments are well known as the death moments of a Blog, and surviving those moments will require you some skill. A skill gives you a special ability that allows you to deviate yourself from from negative realities and hardships that bloggers might find themselves in. Google updates its algorithms now and then and these updates has caused many websites to lose a lot of money and web traffic, but that does not mean that all websites lost their ranks in serps as there are websites  and Blogs that benefit from the Google Algorithm updates and their secrets are the reason to keep their blogs alive in dying moments.

    Understanding the changes and improvements in the Google and those that need to be implemented on a Blog to always get on the right side , you have to keep your blog upto date and make use of the language that is likely understood by the readers. Get your blog live and running and remember to keep your blog readers happy !

    Over the past years social media has played a major part in making people don't see a need for blogs whereby whereby over a billion have joined Facebook at its own without considering other social networks, these are trends that has caused fear that blogging may not last but at Sometimes we have to face whatever might make your blog not to progress, whether it is a thought or not but you have to help your blog grow and that is why this post is written to remind bloggers that people are not only satisfied with social media but there are great numbers that are into blogging. If you do not challenge your long standing beliefs, you cannot grow.

    • Blog readers are very less to subscribe and that should not demotivate you because it doesn't mean they are not reading your blog posts, they are more likely to subscribe to your site through social media platforms and much more, In the earlier days of this blog I had an very low number of email subscribers where I thought that I had less than 10 email subscribers  to the but when I looked upon social media I noticed that readers are much comfortable in subscribing via social mecia platforms.
    It is a proven fact that blog readers are very less to subscribe in blogs using sub-domains, I would advise that you use a professional domain instead of a sub-domain. People naturally don't trust blogs using sub-domains because they are usually spam in most cases as they can get running within a moment making it easier for spammers to create quick blogs. If you really want to be taken seriously you should avoid using sub-domains and get a little bit professional with your blog.

    Look for New ways to increase your audience through different means like offering ebooks, Podcasts etc. You must provide something different and amazing which will get your readers motivated into subscribing to your blog posts or RSS Feed. Your blog should not only act as a blog but instead it should be designed to act like "media hubs" which are for sharing posts to social networks because generally the importance of blogs is affected by social media and it is very important that you ensure your blogs flexibility to social networks.

    Your Blog must be unique in a way that will make it a brand, your blog should not depend on Google, social media and Newsletter but it is very important that you have full ownership of of your blog. I have seen other bloggers naming their blogs by the words of less ownership , words like : Blogger Tips , Blogspottricks etc. ,such words look good for search Engine optimization but they are not going to help rank so stop stressing over blogger domain extensions and use a unique professional domain more . You as a blogger should avoid using such words and start looking your blog as a media company , not just as a cheap blog but think big of it.

    • When taking a closer look to guest blogging in terms of boosting a dying blog then probably it is very clear that it is not as much powerful than it was because blog readers are not interesting on the links on the author bio, and it is important to know that Google is highly againsted in guest Blogging because it manipulates with the google bots and crawlers. Google has tried to stop guest blogging by not considering the attribute links in the authors bio but basically that doesn't mean that you cannot get a good rank from guest blogging because links can be anywhere on the post not only on the post footer attribute.
    So if you love guest blogging and wish to continue,you should try to put at least two attribution links which should be in the authors bio and on the post as well if possible in order to get a perfect backlink to your blog. As a guest blogger your should hunt down big blogs to get backlinks from and out of those you should choose at least 3 which you should have a good relationship which can get you to win over their loyal readers into following you.

    • Keep your readers busy by posting regularly on your blog because whenever you post on your blog there is alway a vibe that is created within the readers. When my blog was still small I used to get a very few pageviews on my blog until I started posting more posts constantly. I saw this trend in my earlier years of blogging and I basically applied it and I saw great reader commitment to my blog and this gave me an understanding about why do the giant blogs like Mashable post frequently and I learnt that Search Engines love activity on a site which puts active sites to rank much better than the inactive( dead ) sites.

    Blogging is awesome but as bloggers we should have a way to keep our Blogs alive through the competition that exists on Blogger, I have always motivated bloggers to post frequently in order to boost the user activity of their blogs for better improvement of their blogs. Even if your blog is dead or heading towards death, you really have to know your mistakes that can bring down dead a blog. If you really have any questions regarding this post please feel free to as on the comments box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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