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  • Wednesday 6 May 2015

    How to Copy Text or Images from Right Click and Text Highlight Disabled Sites

    The internet is filled with amazing posts and images that are really attractive which one should adore, Whenever I see an amazing  image or text on the internet I always get tempted to to save them on my gallery, apart from just copying images we got to respect that copying text and images from websites can lead to violation of copyright.

    Most sites have disabled the right click to prevent the copying of text and images in order to pevent any duplicates of their content from spreading through out the internet because they cause sites to rank very low on the search engines, so the webmasters have found it a very good idea to disable the right click preventing any copying of text. I myself was very much addicted into the copy paste strategy until I saw that it caused my pages to rank very low in search engines while the pages that I wrote originally were the best ranked on search engines and they brought us a lot of traffic which made us to delete all posts which were not originally written by us, after this change my blog traffic doubled increased by over 100% which was so unbelievable because I really battled with getting quality blog traffic into this blog.

    Copy paste is very common to both blogger and wordpress as most blogger newbies don't write original blog posts but instead they choose to copy from other professional websites which has led many bloggers unto disabling the right mouse click from their blogs which to me is basically wrong as it gives readers a hard time to copy some shared text and other important elements, instead of disabling the right click I would recommend that you use DMCA which will copyright your blog content automatically .

    Also read : Protect Your Website Content with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

    I have used the right click disable gadget on my blog but it did not suite my Blog because it prevented readers from copying text from blogger tutorials which are shared in this blog and I had to sign up for a free account with DMCA.

    Ways to copy Text from right hand disable sites.

    Copy text using the Source code

    The source code is an html display of the website template code together with all widgets and post text on that particular blog or website. The easiest way to view the source code is through the right click on the mouse and select view source code but if the the blog you want to copy from has disabled the right click you will need to copy the code below and in a new tab  paste it on your browser  and replace www.mysite.com with the url of the page you want copy and press enter to open the source code.


    Disable java script on browser

    The right click gadget uses java script to prevent readers from using the right click, so the simple way to disable the widget is by simply disabling right click from the browser

    Copying images 

    Coping an image on a website can be done easily without the use of any skill as you can point the image with the mouse and press the "CTRL" + "C"  keys on you keyboard and that image will be simply copied into you clipboard and then just paste it any where you want it to be.

    These are only a few ways but the can be many other alternatives that on could use to copy almost an text from the web. please if possible share with us some your way of copying text with us on the comment box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


    1. I don't know whether this post is a tip for all of the people who want to steal content from others or a reminder that disabling right click is not a perfect way to protect your content from stealing... Nevertheless, I agree that copied content causes a website to rank lower in search engine and you should always avoid having duplicates. I advice to use duplicate checkers like copyact to monitor your content regularly.

    2. Hi Greg this post is not intended to promote the stealing of content but it was designed to help internet users to copy anything they want whether it is an Image, quote or song lyrics etc.


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