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  • Monday 2 February 2015

    Best SEO Tips for Online Businesses

    SEO tips for online businesses

    Running an online business is not very easy without having proper SEO because the success of your business will probably depend on how much time do you put into doing promotions because really you have to spread the word about your service. Most online businesses have been doing a lot of online advertising which has been a good way of getting targeted traffic on their websites and blogs but that will not bring millions of customers into their services, The only way which is best it is search engine optimisation whereby your site will rank better compared to your online competitors.

    SEO tips for small businesses
    Below I will reveal a couple of ways that can be used to bring targeted website traffic to your online business site and how you can advertise on this site with a very little amount of cash which we work towards bringing quality tutorials and posts.

    12 SEO tips for online businesses

    The number of online business is growing at a very fast rate such that most businesses find it hard to rank resulting a huge loss of capital, Search engine optimisation is the driving force behind of the internet and for you  to get a better rank in search engines you got to do SEO .

    1. Have a niched writing style

    The writing style means a lot when approaching a certain audience because you cannot use an informal language in a business website because most businesses use a formal professional language . When you are starting a site it must strictly stick to a particular niche and the way you write your posts must meet the readers that are in that particular  niche , suppose you are running a Christain blog then probably you writing must stick to christainity and it has to follow a certain style which is similar to Christians. Your writing should aim at a target audience .

    2. Try to be simple

    Don't try to use hard or long words that are hard to understand their meanings, because they  will make it hard for your blog readers to understand your posts and they might end up following a site that they understand much more easily. many people today find formal writing as boring and they truly wont read anything that is boring rather they will try to look for blogs that have simple posts that are easy to understand. An online Business must always have a ground breaking front page that will attract the readers into buying the products are services that you are offering to them.

    I probably love the bluehost cover page which gives the reader the most catchy info before they have to show the rest of the info about their hosting service.

    3.  Have a good meta-description

    A meta-descrition should be a short description of your site which, A good meta description is considered to have aroud 150-200 characters. Blogging platforms like Blogger, Wordpress and Journal have a very amazing feature from their dashboards which allows the users to easily add A Meta-description to their blogs. A meta description introduces your website to search engines , it should consist important keywords that can make your site rank very well.

    Must read:

    4. Use the ALT tag on all images

    Search Engines hate images even though they are looking for content but they are designed to crawl text , not images . The best way to optimize images is through using the alt tag which will make the image to appear as text to the search engine which will result to a very high crawling rate make you content to rank better on Search Enines.

    5.  Update your site regularly

    Updating a site on a regular bases will have a positive impact on the page rank of your site and also on the Alexa Rank of your site . Search engines will probably notice the frequency of how much your blog is being updated and they will come more often to crawl your site. The more you post , the active your site will be on the search results.

    6. Submit your business site to directories

    Blog directories have an effect into getting traffic but most directories will depend on how much you pay them because really some of them have very little traffic compared to your site which means you will have to choose very wisely.

    7. Reduce the page loading time

    I have shared some important tips that in my recent post on how to increase the loading time of a blog , in which I gave best strategies on how bloggers can reduce the size of their blog sizes.
    The question that many online businesses ask is how can the loading time affect their businesses ?  The loading time a

    8. Make a great use of social bookmarking

    Social Bookmarking is one of the most active ways of bringing blog traffic as they can bring up more traffic than search engines. I have seen traffic growing by a minute after sharing a post.

    9. Avoid broken links

    Broken links can result to blackhat SEO and it is very important that you reduce them as possible because you may end up losing your page ranking points.

    10. Submit your sitemap to google and Bing .

    Submitting the url of a site will not guarantee that your site will be indexed properly in search engines as you expect but it might not be indexed as a site that has got it sitemap submitted on Google. In my recent posts I have shared some special tips on how you can get a sitemap submitted to search engines . You may set your site visible to search engines but it doesn't mean that they will get your posts ranked on your site, but sibmitting a sitemap or a url will invite search engines to get your blog posts indexed on their databases giving a good advantage to your blogs.

    11.  Add style to the keywords of your page

    The writing style of the author keeps the readers glued to the site and it also makes your blog unique when compared to other competition blogs of the same niche . The style is very useful and search engines are looking for unique content, and your style is what makes your blog unique compared to other blogger blogs.

    It is very important that I add Style to your keywords which are header text, bold, Italics etc. Which will tell the search engines that it a important text which will make your keywords to appear more better than any other text on your page. This type of SEO is the best type of on page SEO as  it works very well the search engines.

    A business is easily run if you have customers which will work on your blog.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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