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  • Saturday 31 January 2015

    How Does Google Rank a Site Content

    How does Google ranks a site

    Search engines use the content of a website to rank it to it deserved position, this has made content to be one of the most important part of SEO, because any site that has not enough content can find itself being ranked very low in search engines which will result to a decrease on the site traffic. A question that you may asked is how does Google and Bing rank a website by its content ? This question is frequently asked by many bloggers and they simply don't get it right.

    Google page rank tips
    The content of the site is not only the quality but it also involves backlinks and user activity of the site. Search Engines have a smart way of rating a site by using the site page rank and please know that the quality of your site will be rated by it content not by it optimization which means that content is a key element that can be used to rank a site according to what was said by the Bing content manager on a  post on Search Quality Content which outlined the importance of quality content.
    Below I have shared some important facts about a site content and on how it affects you ranks in search engines.

    Factors that Rank your Blog content

    The Authority of a Site

    Search engines use the authority of a site to give it a better rank in search ranks , beside the use of keywords content is they part of a website and a site that has low content is very less likely to rank. The authority of a site will not only have to do with content but it will have with how popular is the author and how many followers does the author have and most importantly the reader activity of a site has a big effect on your site and please always try to motivate your readers to comment or share your blog posts.

    The Content Presentation

    This will depend on how the content is presented in search engines, which will help you rank better in search engines, you might ask why does it matter how the content is represented ? it is simply because search engines are in so much competition between themselves whereby they will try by all means to satisfy their users by ranking webpages with high quality content which is easy to understand . As a Blogger you must have a certain writing style that will make your blog to unique from other blogs .

    The Content Utility

    This refers to how useful the site content is , The content utility defines how much quality or how much helpful is the content of a site. Google will use the user activity which involves the number of shares and comments done on a blog, I always motivated my readers to comment on their blogs to bring an active user interaction among the site visitors.
    Search Engines really want to impress their users because they are also in competition with each other, so don't think that Google will give a good rank to the content on your site, the only way to a better rank is through the content utility. The most common part that affects content quality is recycled content whereby the blog author writes posts that are very similar to any post that was earlier posted on a blog , this type of content is called "Recycled Content" or  "repurposed Content" and it can harm your blog.

    Always try to be original and only post original blog posts on your blog which will make your site to gain respect because no readers like to be feed fake content, the readers will want only quality content. A good rank that depends on on SEO is very dangerous for your blog because search engines are really against  SEO because it tricks them and they may give your site a penalty .

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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