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  • Sunday 4 January 2015

    Content vs SEO

    blogger content with SEO

    content and SEO

    Most bloggers think that quality content and SEO are two major different things on blogger which definely not the truth because  the two are not the same but have the same influence to the ranking of a blogger blog. If these are of the same effect then this will probably leave a question, Can Good Content have an Effect on Search engine optimisation(SEO) ? 

    I will say no way, Content is found almost in all blogger blogs but the blog but the blogs with the Optimisation will definitely rank more, I once tested this with a friend of mine whereby we both chose to write similar blog posts with similar points and when we searched to see which post will rank most and he did and when I Optimised my blog template and did some on page SEO I ranked far more than my friend which proves that optimisation is the best part to getting traffic.
    Content verse SEO ? most bloggers are confused by the difference between content and SEO which calls for some attention because you cannot fully optimise a blog without having enough knowledge about the difference between the two. You know content vs SEO are not independent but they are dependant because some search engines are likely to look more at the content rather than the keywords .

    How possibly can good content improve your rank?

    Good content is the most important part of blogging and has  the greatest  potential and you got  to know the six most important things that will give you a better rank in Google.  Good content is not only about how good you write your blog posts but it will depend on how you optimise them and on how many backlinks are there on that particular blogger post.
    •  Keywords & On-page optimization
    Keywords and Meta tags are the main part of SEO and an abundance of them will increase you chances of getting quality traffic.
    •  Domain Authority
    This is determined by how many backlinks a domain has and on the Global rank. Sites like Facebook, Mashable  who rank first in search engines have a much higher global rank compared .
    •  Content Quality
    The content matters because it is basically what the search engines are looking for. try by all means to produce quality content , it doesn't matter whether the content is unique or not,  but avoid the copy paste method because the content is never considered by search engines.
    •  User Activity and user data
    Search Engines like Bing will use the user data or activity to see its quality and readership. So it is very important that you try by all means possible to get your readers fixed to your blog because having them there will definitely keep your blog running and having more traffic.
    •  Spam analysis
    Search Engine are trying hard to avoid spam and that is the reason why you should not allow guest bloggers to publish spam posts because they will give your blog a very low rank. As a blogger please dont ever try to publish any spam content because it will really down grade your online reputation.
    • Page Authority
    Page authority refers to how many backlinks , share, likes and comments are the post content in your blog page.
    Page Authority and Domain Authority  has a greater potential of giving your blogger blog a greater potential to give you a good rank on competitive search keywords, which means that Page Authority and Domain Authority is the the most important part of SEO and also the most important part of the blog content.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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