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  • Saturday 3 January 2015

    10 Common SEO Mistakes on Blogger/Wordpress

    Common SEO Mistakes on Blogger/Wordpress

    Common SEO Mistakes on Blogger/Wordpress

    In my recent post I talked about common mistakes done by blogger newbies but today I have created the SEO post based on the common SEO Mistakes made by bloggers to help professional bloggers to be able to Avoid these common SEO sins that can even downgrade a blogger blog.
    SEO is probably the best way of getting an increased traffic but there are conditions which you might need to follow which will include on White Hat SEO and Black hat SEO .

    Article Marketing
    Article marketing is a process whereby the blog author writes an article and then submits it to a lot of blog directories in exchange for backlinks.
    Article Marketing has been a very good part of SEO in the earlier years of search engines but due to many low content posts being submitted an promoted online has caused Google to change its Algorithm into acting in a more smarter way. Articles that used to rank very well in Google because are now ranking very low because they are now considered to be Spam.

    Link buying
    Link buying seems to be the best part of SEO but in General it only has to do with Black Hat  SEO because most of the so called link selling firms that most bloggers use to get traffic from are considered spam because they work with spam websites to be able to get you a lot of link backs.
    Yes, they might increase your blog traffic as they promise but they are definitely going to decrease your rank in search engines and you wont have unique visitors.

    Keyword Stuffing in Blog Posts
    Keywords play a big role in blogger as they have the ability to give you a good rank in search engines but an excessive use of them can lead to SEO mistakes . Please use enough keywords in your post but  not too  much because search engines are more advanced in a way that they can detect that you are trying to trick them by an repeatedly using the same words in a blog post.
    I dont say that the use of keywords is wrong but the way in which you use them might give your blog a bad image to search engines.

    Bad Link Directories
    Bad link directories are very bad and that why I will motivate my blog readers not to go anywhere in the web for directory submission but they should have a certain list of Blog directories that they can use to promote their blogs.

    Writing short content posts
    Writing short guest post can have a bad effect on your blog because it will leave your loyal readers unsatisfied with the service you are offering making them to finding better blogs, blog readers are subscribing to your blog just because they love the content you are offering them and once you start producing low content posts then they will also do the same by showing a negative performance.
    I have also rejected some guest posts which have been shared on my blog just because they were too short to be published because short posts will not affect your blog reputation before your readers but it will also have an effect to the rank in search engines, your blog posts will be considered low quality posts.

    Content Cloaking
    Hiding certain posts from search engines is probably the best thing to do because it gives full control on how you run your blog, but probably not the best way to Search engine optimization.
    Content cloaking is another worst type of black hat SEO as it can affect the function of your blogger blog and might as well give it a very bad rank in search engines as search engines may have difficulty in reading the posts.
    Content cloaking may seem smart but it is no  way close because it makes it hard for the readers and search engines to read through your blogger blog.

    Broken links
    Having broken links is another threat to SEO because once some links are broken in some kind can have a certain effect on your site rank but please note that it can only have a minor effect on the blog reputation.

    Non-unique title and meta descriptions
    Blogs in WordPress have access to what they call automatic title and meta description whereby the service will automatically give titles to a post that you wrote but the problem about this probably the worst SEO mistake that will ruin your blog reputation because these service usually give duplicate titling and duplicate keywords.
    The best way to solve this is to manually apply your own post title and use your desired search description.

    Too much internal links
    Bloggers are more advised to use a certain number of internal links because using too much of them can make your blog to look spammy . Spam sites and the get rich quickly websites are highly avoided by search engines because they dont want to direct users to spammy sites.
    Internal linking has a very good impact of giving your blog a good rank and you are highly motivated to use them but please try to keep them short.
    Duplicate content
    Duplicate content is totally confusing search engines and will probably act as a hack and therefore please avoid duplicate content on your blogger blog.

    Blogging Should be made simple at affordable costs or some times free only if you know what you talking about and secondly dont try to copy paste content from other blogs because that will low rank your  blog and you will be regarded as a "content thief" , so please be simple and enjoy blogging in 2015 .

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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