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  • Wednesday 31 December 2014

    Online Store! The Easy Way to Make Money Online

    The easy way to make money online, make money online using online store

    easy way to make money online

    Making money online is not very easy for many blogger blogs as there has been competition and an ever increasing number of blogs in the internet. Most bloggers have used Adsense Ads which is currently the most paying advertising network, Affiliate networks and other alternatives to monetise their blogger blogs. Yes they have good payouts but there is also another way that you can use to make even more money which is selling products and services online which is the main reason there are some bloggers that have managed to make more than $10 000 per month which is probably the most important part of monetising a blogger blog, I will say that some affiliate programs can be great strategy for making money online as they can pay upto $ 12 500 dollars per sale which mean that you can reach a month months milestone in a single sale , these services will probably need you to get blog traffic.
    I would say that your blogger blog should starting having atleast 5000 monthly impressions for it to have a reasonable income from Advertisements and refferals.


    Blogger has been the greatest network by Google as it has a lot of people trying to use this precious service to monetise their sites. A Blogger blog should atleast have a good traffic in order for it to start having a good income or it should have a very high subscription rate to get enough people into buying your products or signing up on the banners in your site.
    Many might think about the reason why many bloggers are Starting online stores to monetise their blogs but you must not forget to do a Evaluation on your store Revenue Velocity, Portability, Scalarbility and  Barriers To Entry .

    Store Evaluation

    Below I have shared some important things that you should consider before starting an online store, and how you should prevent a negative budget.

    •  Revenue velocity

      Revenue velocity is the best to consider before starting an online business which will help you analyse the amount of money that your blog is capable of making in a given time. this will also include the costs that you might face when starting you and can as well give you the idea about the profit/ revenue that your blog can make.

      An online store can be very costy to run, this means that a proper business plan has to be drawn down to help monetise you store in a planned way.
    •  Portability

      Portability will have a lot to do with your template, The more advanced is your blogger template the greater will be the portability of your blog store and that is why I greatly advise bloggers to use Paid blogger templates or at least  use our SEO Services which will help you design your blogger template.
    •  Scalability

      Scalability is more to do with your target audience and long term traffic goals that you have planned for your blogger blog.
    •  Barriers to entry

      This is the most important of all as it makes your blog to be more unique and what are your plans to prevent other bloggers from copying your template style or design. When looking at companies like KFC they have a unique recipe that is only known by the owners and that secret recipe has kept the company moving for many years.


    Starting a self hosted online store has a lot of Advantages which will give flexibility to the store allowing it to have a self hosted domain, many bloggers have found Hosting an online store has been able to create them a fortune out of their blogs .

    The total cost

    • Hosting is the most crucial part  and finding the right host is the most important part. Hosting services may vary as they may have different offers and I from my knowledge would Recommend that you host your online store using  Hostgator  or  Bluehost , which are probably the best hostibg websites used by many successful online businesses as they give the best services like a free professional domain, unlimited space, business email, free templates , sitebuilder and many other feature for a cost of $4 per month .
    • Credit card processor is a must have because it is not anybody that will have a paypal, payfast account .etc but everybody should have a credit card. The Credit card processor is absolutely free.
    • Install an open source shopping cart which will allow your customise to add the items in an online shopping cart.
    • buy a template which will cost you around $10 - $50  only if you are not finding your desired template with your host.


    It is expensive to run

    Running an online store can cost up to $60 or more per month and that is why it is very important that you must have consistent traffic or use an online advertising service like Google Adwords which can get you web traffic.

    Depends much on the traffic sources

    You have to work out your own traffic sources  and Store Advertising.

    You are responsible for payment errors and mistakes done by users.

    The errors made by the readers through using the payment maybe a problem because you will not have any help from a professional. All things will be under your control as a blogger.


    A professional Domain and own email

    The best thing about these services is that you are given a Professional domain of your choice depending on its availability.

    Unlimited Space

    The memory space is not limited meaning that your can host even more greater files

    24 hr help service

    The good thing about these services is that they can get you professional help based on their services only.

    Better ranking of Search Engines

    A better ranking can depend on the domain and hosting service used and the best services that you could use are offered by services like Bluehost  and  Hostgator . these services are the best ever when it comes to web hosting because they improve your traffic.


    A free hosted online store is quite limited compared to the paid online store because you as the Administrator will not have enough rights onto running your site. The good Advantage about this is that it is free to run while some services may charge you a monthly fee of less then $5 . With these stores you cannot have a professional domain which means that you will be promoting somebodies brand with all the hardwork you will be putting in.

    Total Costs

    Running a free online store is not that costy depending on the type of service you are usung because some services will not cost you at all but instead they will take a percentage from the profit you make from their service. So the costs of these services are not fixed but they vary depending on the service.


    You will get a free Credit card Processor

    As I have said you will be using their service which means you wont have to bother about the processor because they have a fixed type of payment system which is mostly Paypal .

    Free hosting

    All of the products you are selling will be hosted for you in the online store you will be selling under somebodies domain which is more like promoting somebody's brand.

    Free domain

    These services will mainly give you a free domain which is not professional but it is only subject to their servers.


    ranks very low on search engines

    You are probably almost hidden in search engines which means you will have to rely more on traffic sources rather than in search engines.

    fixed credit card processor

    The profit that you make will not be 100% but they will also keep a certain percentage which is from is from 10% to 30% .

    Promoting someones brand

    You should know well that your store will be under somebodies brand.

    Have a limited file space

    Free services are sometimes irritating because they have a limited space whereby the user is given a file limit.


    Starting an online has always been the best money making strategy compared to using Ads and the best thing about it is that you can also embed Ads into it to make some extra profit and don't forget to use the best hosting services for hosting onlines , I have heard many testimonies from bloggers using Bluehost  and  Hostgator .

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Hi think this is a very clear and to the point of the basic information needded to Make Money Online. Although the main idea is simple, there are a lot of details to learn along the way...
      Great information about the hosting services....
      I personally have never tried an Oline Store... But I will check into it. I mainly deal with digital information products.
      I enjoy your information and be back soo.

      1. Thanks for appreciating. Glad to know that you've liked it. Stay in touch with us for more.


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