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  • Tuesday 30 December 2014

    Common Mistakes made by blogger newbies

    Mistakes made by blogger

    Mistakes made by bloggers

    I hope you know what is a blogger newbie and how you used to mess up your blog trying to better your audience with hard work load of blogger posts you try to pull in with a hope of getting traffic and today I want to share with you some common blogging mistakes that are made by blogger newbies around the world and how you can avoid them as a blogger newbie. these problems will probably cause you to end up quitting on your blog which is very common in Blogger whereby a few number of bloggers get to make it through blogging.

    Many blogger newbies have invested a lot of money trying to promote their blogs in search engines and in the blogging sphere which have made me to launch a SEO services  program for our readers which is supposed to start next year February because we believe that they can do a lot more for very less.

    Most probably a lot of bloggers will start blogging with the hope of making money but it happens that things go vice versa resulting into being an sinking fund which is probably the worst thing to happen to a blog. Recently a blogger sold her blog  with over 300 , 5.7k Facebook followers with a cheap unbelievable price of $171 . The reason the owner sold the blog was because since she started blogging she was not able to monetize her site but instead she received a negative income . These type of loses are due to low optimization of the blog, so if possible learn more about our services which will help bloggers to monetize their blogs.

    blogging mistakes

    When I was a blogger newbie I always made mistakes with my blog cause I had no Idea about blogging but with the use of SEO my blog started over into its best potential. I have seen it a big idea to let you know the mistakes that you are doing and what effect can they have to your blog, and how can you can deal with them in a very short period of time.

    Common Mistakes made by bloggers

    • Niche
    The niche that you choose for your blog must be your desired niche , the one that you know much and understand better. A niche is probably the main head category which your blog has been designed for and should focus to , it is very important as a blogger you know how to protect your blog by writing posts based to the niche of the blog and also focus on the target audience. This mistake made by bloggers to not take the blog niche into consideration can have a very bad effect to your blog.
    It is very rare to see a technology website writing posts about pregnancy or should I say a pregnancy website writing blog posts about Technology. The posting of weigh to different posts niche can degrade your blog and might as well loose some of their loyal readers.

    • Focus on quantity and mostly on quality
    The quality of your blog is the main reason for your blog's success and traffic. The quantity of blog posts is what is keeping blog readers into getting into your blog frequently. The more quality posts you publisher the greater will be the rank of your posts.
    Copy and paste of blog posts from other blogs into you blog is not right for any blog because it will reduce a lot of success opportunities for your blog as Google Adsense, Media.net have banned blogs with "fake" posts. Please instead of using the copy paste way rather write things in your own words and use your own images instead.

    •  Pre-read your post before publishing

    Mistakes such as spelling errors in your blog posts can really have a negative impact to your blog as search engines will rate your blog as not professional resulting in very low traffic by search engines , I still do spelling errors in some of my posts but  I have been working hard to avoid them as I am typing  blog posts for my readers and the visitors.
    Proof reading has been the best way of all time used by professional bloggers and professional websites to get the hearts of the readers into subscribing to their blogs or products. Righting quality blog posts has the power to increase your blog subscribers.

    • Have a managed dedicated server
    Hosting your blog to a dedicated server is probably the best way to host a blog instead of self hosting because that may demand you a lot of hard work, money and commitment whereby you could have used a free hosting service like Blogger and wordpress which are currently the best hosting services in the world for hosting free blogs.

    These services offer a range of free templates that can be used on your blog but these templates will probably need a lot editing to fully optimize them for search engines, these optimizations are the main reason most bloggers have made it to the top first page of Search engines.
    There are also some other hosting services that become handy but they will need you to sign up for hosting services starting from $4 -  $10 per month  and this may require you to purchase a premium template at the cost of  $20 - $100 which will make you spend + 150 dollars per year.
    So I believe that you should sign up for free hosting services and buy a domain name which will cost you  $1 - $15 dollars per year  and purchase SEO services which is likely to cost you $32 per year, which will include an estimated total of  $42 or less.
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    •  Market your blog
    Marketing a blog is not very different to marketing a product because you will also be required to promote it using social networks, subscription services, email marketing , cross-sectional promotions and through many other ways.

    •  Have patience
    Patience goes a long way,  most blogger newbies usually find it  hard to generate promising blog traffic as the competition in the internet has become heavier for them to even get any visitors and this is the reason many blogger have decided to quit blogging. Probably Blogging is not easy at the start especially when you have no blogging experience. Big blogs like Mashable also started with less traffic and today they are one of the most popular blogs in the world.
    My secret into making this blog successful was through patience and love for my blog and that made me to forget about less traffic and focus on getting more content for the few faithful readers that  have always been close to me since the blog started.

    • Respect your readers
    Giving the best respect to your readers can help keep your blog readers glued to your blog because respect is key more especially when working with the public. It might take some time for your blog readers to know how you appreciate their present and that motivate them into being your blog potential members.

    We as bloggers we learn from our mistakes and also we learn through blogger tips and tutorials . once you have started taking special considerations to the tips above , then you will start seeing changes within your blog and please try to avoid the mistakes made by most new bloggers and don't forget to optimise your blog titles . Wish you a good year.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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