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  • Friday 12 December 2014

    Natural SEO on blogger

    Natural SEO on blogger

    Natural SEO is best for websites which it is unfortunate that most blogs hosted in blogger, you have maybe read from other SEO blogs that hosting a blog on blogger is not good SEO but I disagree with them as because it all depends on how you have optimised your blog. Blog hosted on blogger can function the same way as blogs hosted in hostgater ,  Go daddy only if you know how to SEO optimise their blogger blogs.

    Optimising your blog has a big effect on the ranking of your blog meaning that you no longer need to pay a lot of money on blog hosting services and please dont  get me wrong, using a paid hosting  service is very good for SEO but you can optimise your blog template to make your blog to rank high on search engines. If you have a problem or you are struggling to optimise you blogger template then you will have to sign up for our services from February 2015 , the sign up will cost you $3.00 for the first month.

    Having my blog optimised has been a great way that I have used to get blog traffic from search engines in a way that I get a better rank compared to blogs in the paid  services.

    I know that fully obtimised a blogger template is very hard for blogger newbies and that is the reason we have offered our full help in making you blog grow into being a gaint blog within a period of six months but please note that we are not going to start or register your blog but the owner is responsible for the domain registration.

    What is natural SEO ?

    Natural SEO is not set on free hosted blogs and free templates making them to have a very low rank. Natural SEO is simply optimising your blogger blog to work at its best. Simple way to simple natural SEO

    Get a good registered domain for your blog  

    A blog that has a registered domain can easily get trust from it readers and that is the reason I greatly motivate my readers not to use a www.yourblog.blogspot.com names for their blogs,but they should atleat register a domain , registering a domain will normally cost around $1~$15 per year

    Take a good consideration of your blog

     The content of your blog should mainly focus on your target audience which are the primary people to give you traffic, your blog posts must be simple and not very formal because recent studies have shown that blogs that have very formal posts have a high bounce rate meaning the readers are very less likely to browse these type blogs , whereby blogs that are casual have a very high user activity. Blogs that are not focussing on their niche are in a big problem as I would call them lost blogs , if you start a blog I will always motivate you to have a target audience which is the main traffic source for your blog. If you blog is about SEO please focus on SEO ,but if your blog is on Fashion then focus on Fashion because 90% of the traffic will be there because of your niche and it will be a great disappointment when they get to find something else on your blog making you to lose active readers. Your can write maybe 80% posts based on your niche and atmost 20% posts on other niches that you find very good for your blog.

    Post on you blog regularly

    Posting on you blog regularly has the ability to get it a good rank in search engines which means that the more you post the better is the rank of you blog, Google and other search engines will go through your blog daily to get see updates to get them Indexed . A blog that has no activity is less considered, which means that as a blog author your blog should have atleast three posts a week and nothing less than that.


    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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