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  • Friday 12 December 2014

    How to avoid Adsense account from getting Banned - Adsense Policy Summary

    How to avoid Adsense account from getting Banned ; How to prevent Adsense Account From Getting Banned

    How to avoid Adsense account from getting Banned ; Adsense banned
    Having an Adsense approval is the best thing that a site administrator can achieve and mantaining it can be such a problem at sometimes, many bloggers have been having a lot of rejection and had their Adsense accounts  banned by Google and I have decided to go over some special things that you should consider  before having you account banned .

    Google have influenced some new changes in their policies which made many blogs and websites to lose their accounts  just because they dont have  time to read the policies as it will absolutely take too much time and telling you the truth I myself I am not the the kind of a dude that will waste time on policies. I have read the Google Adsense policies and have layed down a simple sammary to help you know the Adsense policies .

    Getting banned by Adsense is like forever because you are not given a chance to sign up again and that is never a good method because Adsense is the most generous Advertising service compared to other services like chitika, bidvertiser and all the other services such that Google Adsense gives reccuring payments to you blog. Below is a number of the most important policies that every blogger should know before interferring with Adsense.

         How to prevent Adsense Account From Getting Banned

    •  Never copy paste articles from other websites
    Google Adsense does not allow its users to copy paste any content from other sites on the internet because such posts are considered to being not original. I know that it is a tendancy loved by new bloggers but it is not considered by search engines.

    • Do not include any racial, pornographic and violent content on your website.
    The use of pornographic content is strictly not allowed as google has  not policies are strictly against pornography and racial content on your blog meaning that your content must align with google and must not violate the anybody.

    •  Never click on your own Ads or motivate you readers, fans and friends to click on your Ads.
    Motivating people to click on your Ads is stricly not allowed in google Adsense and can led to an immediate account ban.It is probably a fraud as you are robbing Adsense a lot of money, As an adsense publisher please not that everything you do to get traffic on your blog will be followed and if you are found to be motivating people to click on your Ads then that will be quite a huge problem for you because adsense will simply ban your account.

    •  Your blog must not contain any spammy links , pop up Ads

    Adsense does not want to associated with fraud because spam is a big internet fraud, if your advertising service is having spam Ads in your blogger blog then you are free to remove them before Adsense removes you.

    •  Have a privacy policy page associated with your blog.

    A privacy policy page is respected by Adsense because that makes your site to be more professional and telling you the truth , Adsense is more prepared to work with serious bloggers who mean business

    •  Never include any Ads on you contact , privacy policy, about us and disclaimer page of your blog
    Google Adsense does not want it users to include Ads on any pages but they motivate that they should only be used in content posts and pages. A way to remove these Ads from pages is mentioned in one of our blogs helplogger .

    •  Never place more than three Ad units you website or blog.
    Placing a lot of Ad unit on your blog will be motivating readers to click  on your Ads.

    •  Never text , Images and widgets that overlap your Ads
    Widgets  that overlap the Ads can be a very big disturbance to your Adsense Ads.

    •  Do not paste any Ads on empty pages or posts
    Pasting Ads on empty pages on your blog can be seen as a fraud because that shows that you are trying to make people to click on them and Adsense will not accept such behavior.

    • Never place Ads under drop down menu in your blog.
    A dropdown menu is capable of overlapping your Ads which violates the Google Adsense TIS

    •  Never get to confuse images with Ads.
    This problem mainly occurs in blogs which are image blogs. Adsense Ads are more like images and if they are placed within Images they will confuse the readers such that they will accidently click on Ads.
    Getting Adsense approval is usually not easy for many bloggers as many have tried and failed and getting one banned is as harder and to avoid that You must try not to motivate readers to click on your Ads in any other way mentioned above.
    If you have interest in visiting the google adsense policy page then feel free, but this is the policy in its best summary and shared are the minimum requirements for Adsense.

    The summary shared is from the original Adsense policy and following the words written on it will prevent you from having your account banned. If you have not applied for adsense I will like you to visit a post on How to get Adsense approval on blogger which will guide you to getting an approval. Wish you the best  :-)

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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