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  • Wednesday 19 November 2014

    How to get First position in google search engines

    First Position In Google Search ResultsThis is the dream of every blogger that he may get the first position on Google search results. It is in the Google's hand to rank any post or page but something is called SEO. We can surely get the high SERP by optimizing the search engine. Today here we're going to discuss that how can we bring a blog post on first position in Google search results. These tips will surely help you in achieving the good rank if you try each and every tactic. Even I also tried and got the good result from it. First let me show my own results to you.

    So below I'm going to share these tips about bringing a blog post on the first position. Read them carefully and also try them. I'm sure you'll get benefit from it.

    1. Create Unique, Lengthy and Loved Content

    In the blogosphere world, content matters a lot. This is extremely important to create the unique and most loved content for your blog and readers. The unique content is always loved the Google and it's algorithms that can help in getting high SERPs. If you write the lengthy content for your blog then surely it will be ranked higher in search results because Google ranks the quality content first. Don't care for Google ranking only, you should take care that what your readers like. Ask them and give them what they want from you. This will help in increasing the relationship between your blog and readers.

    2. Completely SEO Optimize Your Post

    You have to do the on-page SEO for your blog post. There are many things in optimizing a post but I'll explain these all in a short. First, You've to choose the most searched keyword for your post title. I mean do the keyword research for post title. Optimize images in your post by the use of ALT and Title Attributes. Create short Permalink of your post which may have the main keywords only. Insert the good meta description for your postImprove the internal linking in your article. Avoid keyword density and keyword stuffing. In the last, insert the multiple keywords in your post. You can insert multiple keywords in your post like first in the post title, second in permalink, third in meta description, in the content and also in the comment area.

    3. Create Backlinks For Your Post

    So this is the off-page SEO and here you've to build some backlinks for the post which you want to bring on the top. I strongly recommend to do the commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs. But before commenting, make sure that the blog on which you're commenting is having the good rank and domain authority. Also make sure that the post on which you're commenting is relevant with you post. For the quick result, I'll recommend to do the guest posting in which you'll get the dofollow backlink to your post and that will really helps a lot. 

    4. Do The Social Promotion

    Social Promotion also helps in bringing a post in the first position on Google search results. You can easily share post in some groups on Facebook and believe me it works like a charm. This will not only help in getting higher SERP but also in increasing the visitors of your blog. Don't always use Facebook to do social promotion, there are also other social sites like Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. After publishing post I usually share my post on all the above mentioned social sites. 

    5. Avoid Copying Content

    This is the worst habit of many bloggers that they copy the others work. Even in the beginning of blogging, I also did this mistake and really my all the efforts wasted. You should know that Google has an algorithm named Google Panda. It detects those blogs/sites which are stealing content from other sites and deindex that page from Google. If you're using Blogger then automatically that post will be deleted. It is highly recommended to build the own content instead of copying others work.

    Final Words

    So these were some tips which I use to rank my posts. I hope these will help you in gaining organic traffic. If you've more tips then please do share with us. Any problem ? Feel free to ask in the comments area. Don't forget to join us and leaving your feedback. Take Care!

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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