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  • Thursday 20 November 2014

    5 Content Writing tips from Professional Bloggers

    blogging is great for any person and I would highly motivate that you do not quit because I have found a method that can help spice up your blog to a great blog. The problem with many new bloggers is that they know very little about search engine optimization and they lack the skill of bringing quite a great number of readers to their blogs. but blogging is simple only if you are writing about what you like and please know that blogging is not only about writing tutorial and SEO tips but it is almost everything, a blog can focus on anything like pets, toys, movies, fashion, music, education etc. the list of blogging options is countless and you have to acquire the skill to know how to to make that blogging dream happen and below I have shared 5 tips that can help your blog to reach the best position when talking about traffic.

    5 Content writing tips from Professional Blogger

    1. Use an attractive article

      An attractive article is key when talking about search engine traffic, your blog might rank top five in search engines but that does not mean it will get most clicks than the other blog appearing on the web, the most attractive article is hard to ignore resulting to people ranking and trusting your blog for the best results. the article is content itself . so please dont write complicated articles , try to be straight to a point .
    2. Write using an interesting style

      Having a good interesting style of writing is the best solution , an interesting style is will make your blog unique to the the readers and clients, for example there are blogs that you will always remember not because of the the template design but because of the style , so it is not only content that keeps the readers coming back but it is the the style of the write and that is why II share that as a write you dont need to copy other blogs but you just need to stick what you do best and bog about it.
    3. Try to be informal

      Formal blogs are boring and nobody likes or feels comfortable in a formal environment unless you came for a formal purpose , so try to be casual and make your audience comfortable with your blog as possible .You can be formal when dealing with news, politics and business blogs, but if you are dealing with a casual blog like a Tech , android blog you should not be formal but try to be informal depending on your target audience.
    4. Research before writing

      Make it that you provide quality content because content is key when it comes to writing to the public, you must give the readers a reason why they should love your blog rather than the other blogs that provide the same content as you
    5. Take breaks

      Don't kill yourselves blogging we don't want to take a blame for death, just kidding, but seriously you have blog only if you fill like blogging and once you get tired it is alright to take a break because stressing yourself will not help you out but instead it will have a negative impact on your blog.

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