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  • Monday 7 July 2014

    KZN boy's body parts found inside a bag

    KZN boy's dismembered body found inside bag

    In the nothern Kwazulu-natal, South Africa the local residents of Pongola had found the missing boy's dismembered body in a vacant room in a church area this Saturday,  05 July . The seven year old boy had gone missing when he was playing and never came back home  and was reported missing to the local police station by his grandmother on Wednesday, 02 july .

    the family of the missing boy had done some research until they found out from the boy's friends that the boy had been taken by an old man from the area promising that he will buy him sweets and the boy fell for it and was taken on that very same time by that man.

    Local residents had said that the actual person who found the body parts was the son of the man that had taken the child , the man had told  his son that  bag has avocadoes that he has to prepare and he left for church, as he was gone the son went to the bag to try steal the avocadoes in the the bag but when he opened the bag he saw a human hand inside the bag and other body parts and he went to tell the neighbours about his discovery , they tried to phone the man but his phone was off  .

    Among from the discovered body parts, a four years-old's head was in the bag as well . Captain Zwane said the body was believed to be that of the boy reported missing on Wednesday,  02 July.

    The Police had no arrests yet and current investigations are being made

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