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  • Thursday 3 July 2014

    How To Start A successful Blog In 2015


    Running a blog

    A big part of “blogging” is  actually about creating the content. blogging is more like running a facebook page and that is why I would advise any blogger to add a a google plus followers gadget and also a facebook followers gadget in order to create a huge audience that will read the content that you produce on your blog

    The idea is to keep your  target audience engaged longer in order to more effectively sell ad-space and monetise your blog.
    That’s why it’s called “Programming.” You’re scheduling similar content so it attracts the same market at the same time every week.As the audience grows, so can the cost of your ad units , at Fantasy surf ads we also do the same but we mostly make use of a tactic that is best which is to lower our advertising costs.

    most people usaully wonder about “how do I start a blog?” , guys starting a blog is easy and very interesting that it can become a hobby that can bring you income , I mean huge income while you relax the problem is that we’ve locked ourselves into thinking blogs can only be for one audience. While this may have been true in the early days of blogging, readers have grown and matured. It’s ok to appeal to different audiences. As a blogger you must start thinking like a media planner and take your blog seriously because the audience does not like blogs that are out of order; your content must be in a way that you want the audience to see and follow and dont keep changing the aim and the type of content that you publish to your audience but allow your blogger or wordpress blog to flow with the the same content

    At this stage, we’re still not talking about content creation, but rather developing a framework that allows a different styles of content to be featured, with a theme that ties everything together.

    When you’re starting a blog, this isn’t done through the time you publish, but rather by the categories on your site.For example, if I believe “Online marketing” breaks down to “Analytics,” “Landing Pages” and “PPC,” those would be the major categories on my site—and these topics would become the framework for pretty much all of the content I publish later.When you’re starting a blog, this level of categorization is important, because it’s the overall framework for everything you do. With this in place early, you’re free to focus on developing the your various Tentpole Features and minor content types down the road. On your blog, your “infomercial” would be different because you’re not likely to sell space and relinquish control, but that doesn’t mean the obvious direct “I’m trying to sell you something”
    Some infomercial-type content you could publish might be:
    • Affiliate products you support
    • Sponsored blog posts (PayPerPost & ReviewMe are popular options)
    • Beneficial Continuity Programs

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