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  • Forex Retail Sentiment

    The Forex Market Retail Sentiment shows the position of trades opened by retail trades which gives traders an Idea on which positions are the retail investing in.

    The Following Forex Retail Sentiment includes; Currency Pairs, Commodities, Indices and Stocks. 

    How we Trade the retail Sentiment

    Trading the Using the data provided on The Retail Sentiment does not necessarily mean that you must ignore what you learnt but this information is provided to give you education on how to read positions opened by retail traders. 

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    The retail traders lose the most on Trading the markets as they have a75 to 98% losing record according to CNBC and data on Robinhood Traders which means its only a 2% that wins in The Forex Market. The big winners are the professional traders and the Financial institutions which include banks, Hedge Funds and other major Fund Managers. 

    The best recommended way to win is to avoid retails positions, if majority are selling look for buy opportunities, if majority are buying look for selling opportunities with Relation to Commitment of Traders Data "COT" .