About Us

As  Ajaxsurf our main purpose is to help people just as me and you to make their lives easy and straight forward by giving everyday tips to our email subscribers which has motivated us by the positive feedback and emails that we receive on our Google account. Our Audience is growing everyday on Facebook, twitter, Digg, Linkedin ,Google+ ,blogger and many other sources we use to connect to our respected readers and we  motivate that if you are not connected with us , please do because it is out of our own will and for your own good and benefit.

Ajaxsurf was started earlier in 2013 by Sifiso Nkwanyana on Facebook as a page that was based on helping students and everyday people until we were lead by our ever increasing audience which was not only on Facebook but also in other social networking sites leading us to an idea of starting a blog for professionals, with the purpose of helping all our visitors at a single platform at blogger, We have high rankings in search engines and we get new visitors every day flooding into our blog , but out of all visitors we are pleased to tell you that Ajaxsurf is capable of responding to many questions that are sent by our readers daily within a period of 24 hours.