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  • Friday 27 March 2020

    Sandile Shezi Continues to motivate Traders

    Multimillionaire Forex Trader Sandile Innocent Shezi well known as South Africa's youngest millionaire in 2015 when he started trading with his long partner George van der Riet who he co founded his company global Forex Institute which contributed a lot to the Forex Trading Industry in South Africa and him a household name in South Africa.

    Sandile Shezi and his partner George van der Riet hosted a number of Forex Seminars under Global Forex Institute and introducing tens of thousands of Forex traders to the financial markets by offering courses valued at R8000 and R15000 based on the course type their students sign up for.

    who is sandile shezi?

    Sandile Innocent Shezi grew up at Umlazi under his parents, he started his entrepreneurial journey at an age of 12 years whereby he used to sell muffins and later sold clothes in his neighborhood where he was able to collect money for his trading and tried a number of times but found it very hard to make it through the industry as he lacked a lot of education, at his age he lost all his savings trying to pursue his career as a Forex trader until he finished high school.

    After high school he was admitted to the Durban University of Technology where he studied Public Relations and applied communications in which he later dropped out on his second year as he was much focused on Forex Trading, he met with George Van der Riet who together with founded the Global Forex Institute.

    George and Sandile did a number of seminars in Durban Umhlanga Rocks at the Protea Hotel opposite the the gateway mall where he held a majority of seminars that were attended by a number of people on every Saturday morning whereby they would sign up new students every week as everybody was fascinated by his success.

    sandile shezi seminar
    Sandile Shezi Seminar

    Things later sparked up between the pair in which George Van der Riet was able to buy out Sandile Shezi according to our interview with an active Global Institute member, Sandile Shezi started his new company in 2019 which he named Revoltare after being silence for very long and he started afresh promoting his company to the public through his social media accounts and the branding of cars.

    After many thought he had actually quite or retired from trading the Forex markets after his former company was accused of taking free basic Forex courses from the internet and selling them to the public, he made a strong comeback with his company Revoltare and he he has partnered with influencers like DJ Sbu and Kenneth John.

    Sandile Shezi House

    Sandile Shezi owns a penthouse in Durban which has never shown much on his social media as he wanted to keep his life very private from the public, he has shared a number of interior pictures of him in his house.

    sandile shezi house

    Sandile Shezi wife and family
    Sandile Shezi has is a father to as son and he is happily married to his lovely girlfriend, he has posted a number of pics on his social media account and has kept his family life very private from the public.

    sandile shezi girlfriend
    Sandile Shezi and His Girlfriend

    Sandile Shezi Cars
    Sandile Shezi has a great taste for luxury as he has a number of luxury cars to his bag which include a Rolls Royce, BMW 7 series, Range Rover Velar, Maserati, Ferrari Calif. T handling specialé and a Mercedes Benz AMG.

    Sandile Shezi Interview with CCTV

    Sandile Shezi made a name for himself after he became a popular household name and made him become the most followed trader in South Africa as he was labelled as South Africa's youngest millionaire at age 23 as he was able to make his millions at an early age for an average South African.

    He has had a number of interviews when he got into fame as almost every radio station and television station wanted to have Sandile Shezi interviewed on their stations as he was the most trending person during that year.

    Sandile Shezi shezi currently runs his new company Revoltare and currently works in partnership with itradefxlive which operates entirely online and also as a Forex Signal provider.

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