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  • Sunday 8 September 2019

    Jason Noah and Forex Kings Empire

    Jason Noah Forex

    The Pretoria based Forex Trader Jason Noah, the founder of Forex Kings is one of the young traders that are taking over the Gauteng province and Namibia through his amazing Forex trading skills and strategy which he claims he had learnt from Ashley Haastibeer of GoForex. 

    Jason Noah has been involved to much in the Forex Industry through social media as he has been one of the traders that have been able to make a fortune through Forex Trading and through Forex Trading mentorship programs.

    Who is Jason Noah?

    Jason Noah started trading at the age of 18 when he was kicked out of the house by his parents for making a girl pregnant at a younger age, he was able to live with his cousin who accepted him and introduced him to Forex Trading and later he followed his career as a a trader in which he first found difficulties as he lost a lot of accounts until he was experienced enough and was able to make himself profits in the markets.

    Jason noah mother
    Jason Noah and His Mother

    He was able to make profits of R1,8 million in his first year of trading when he deposited $1000 which he almost lost and was able to make a lot of revenue from it  which motivated him to launching his Forex education company Forex Kings in which he shares his strategy with his students.

    100% Bonus

    Jason Noah, the CEO of Forex Kings has continued to inspire a lot of traders around the world and south Africa as a whole, he has been able to invest in property and has been able to grab expensive fashion brands and cars which he has been seen with on his Instagram page. on his Instagram page which currently has a staggering 272K followers, making him one of the most famous Forex traders.

    Jason Noah Cars

    The Forex Trader Jason Noah has a variety of cars of which he has been able to buy with his own money that he has accumulated through his Forex business and profits made through trading which will include a Mercedes Benz A45 AMG, Golf 7 GTI and a BMW M4

    jason noah cars

    Jason Noah has recently added a Toyota Quantum 2019, to his car collection which he claimed he has bought it for his company to transport his staff workers and traders working in his company, he had transformed the car his personal use as shown on the top picture.

    jason noah forex kings car

    Jason Noah House

    Jason Noah recently bough a good family house in Midstream Estate, Gauteng in which he resides in with his family which includes his girl friend and his son.

    Jason Noah House

    Jason Noah outside his house with his son.

    Jason Noah continues to inspire a lot of traders in South Africa through his flashy lifestyle in Instagram making him one of the most followed Forex traders in South Africa after Jabulani Ngcobo Cashflow.

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