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  • Wednesday 10 August 2016

    How Will Technology Change The World?

    Almost a decade before, none of us had predicted we will be tech-savvy to an extent that would astonish us all. Today, we all have smartphones in our hands, internet in every corner of the world, we can communicate, can eat, can travel and drive, can do online shopping and many more impressive technological innovations are on their ways to invade the world. Education has become easier, communication improved, the world turned into a global village, and it will be a big injustice if we don’t expect much better in the offing. According to the United Nations sources, in 2050 the world will be accommodating 9.7 billion people- that mean more loads on the planet, more severe problems, and more energy crisis but there is few ways technology will revolutionize the contemporary world. Let’s have a look at what is more in the next episode.

    Balloon Internet

    Though most parts of the world are provided with internet access and the 4th generation is spreading rapidly to serve the world all around, there are so many underdeveloped countries with such areas with no access to the internet. Provision of the internet on such large scales will require building infrastructure and the finance is a bigger hurdle on the way. To overcome the very issue and promise equity in providing the internet, the internet giant, Google is planning to bring balloons that will be called balloon internet.
    The work has kicked off, and some countries like Sri Lanka and India are benefiting from this installation by Google. 2015 observed and experienced many practices, and 2016 will see much more in the offing as well. Thus, it can be generalized, the internet scarcity will be handled ultimately, and it will indeed change the world in upcoming years.

    Food Shortage Will No Longer Be a Problem

    The technology in the offing will be more fruitful in obtaining more crops and combat the traditional food production methods. It will become easy to produce genetically-modified crops in the house as well. That means the pest and environmental issues regarding food will be achieved and we will be getting sustainable and healthier foods.

    Artificial Neural Networks

    Artificial neural networks on their way to impress the world but there would be much bigger soon as well. These are the stimulated brains used in the traditional computers. Thus, these can be used to tackle the problems that we can never solve. In short, these ANNs will be in the limelight in the future. These are being used nowadays by Facebook to detect photos, by shipment companies for route identifications and credit card companies use them to find out frauds.

    Social Purchasing

    Social purchasing is not a new thing in the commerce but Facebook offered a sort of social buying through its ads, and so did Pinterest. All this leads to more demands and more purchasing opportunities in the future. Rather than the paid ads and posting, the content marketers will have to look forward to getting more sustainable ways. The only left solution is influence marketing, but that again carries paid marketing through influential personalities. However, influence marketing can also be done via collaboration, and this will become the future choice of every marketer.

    Digital Networking

    Nowadays, though, the global internet provision is managing all the resources and facilitating the world, in the offing, we will observe how the wireless networks will take over the digital networking. The time is near and only till 2025 cars, home appliances, and everything will be digitally connected. Technology will be stored for future consumptions and in one or the other way, energy crisis will be managed at all.

    Augmented Reality

    Virtual and augmented reality has reached and reshaped the content consumption. Facebook, one of the best and most social media forums, owns VR and using it all over the world. We will be able to see more products based on virtual and augmented realities.

    Final Thoughts

    We can expect everything from age reversing to overcoming food scarcity and a hell more is all awaited for the future lifestyles. This is time to brace ourselves for these innovative technological advancements. In short, technology will present the current world into a much modified version sooner or later.

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