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  • Friday 4 March 2016

    How to Build an Online Business that Actually Makes Money?

    The internet is the hottest ways to earn money online these days. Whether you are on a mission of finding a new source of income or just want to add some more bucks to your wallet as a side gig, the internet can offer a variety of solutions for you to choose from. But, on a serious note, if one does not think of it as just a side-gig or new income source, it is a top niche to build online businesses.

    An online business has become an unparalleled opportunity to run a business worldwide with only a laptop and an internet connection. In the present days, about 2.5 billion people log onto the internet every minute. This is great in the sense of the opportunity for income, but negative in the sense that online business has become an advanced day gold rush.

    There are many cheat sheets available online, manipulating people to adopt them for the sake of earning money quickly. Many of you must have noticed that social media accounts can be downright depressing with all the over-hyped ads. Selecting whom to learn from can be difficult to start an online business.
    Therefore, here are five simple steps that can encourage you to devise th best strategies to plunder the online wealth without any support of cheat sheets:

    1.       Focus

    It simply means figuring out who you want to serve and how you deliver value to your targeted audience. It means “focus” can help you where you are instead of following all that cheat sheets or wrong tricks.
    There is a plenty of information available online and so many entrepreneurs fall victim to information overload. But, if you apply 10% of the knowledge of what you have or what you understand from the right online source, you would make progress building your business.
    2.      Fortify an Audience
    It is the main intent for business to be boosted up. Creating a beautiful website with all the right plugins, opt-in boxes, and widgets is of no use if you don’t have an audience. So, here are efficient ways to build an audience quickly:
    ·         Be a Guest on a Podcast: Radio Guest List will deliver to your inbox a list of shows looking for your expertise.

    ·         Post Guest Blogs: There are many blogs that get millions of visitors every month. All you need to learn is effective content marketing strategies considering content as the king.

    ·         Acquire Exposure from Large Author Sites: Search for the highly-authorized sites like Huffington Post and write for them. Through such sites, you can get exposure to millions of potential leads and customers. They also build authority, enhance your social media presence, and boost sales.

    3.       Build a Monetization Plan

    Once you start getting exposure, it’s time to generate income through a plan. A content strategy is always needed for a website that aligns with a promotion schedule. Your plan should include the products and services, you are offering to your customers. Utilize your exposure and content plan to sell premium offerings and enhance business growth.
    4.      Test and Refine
    Once you have implemented a plan, study what works and what doesn’t. Take online help and try different offers. Don’t rely completely on online advice; take help from the analysis made by your plans and exposure. At the end, refine your process and perk up the parts of your plan that aren’t working.
    5.      Launch and Scale
    At this point, you have to build 1000 followers for your business with an effective growth. Whenever your promotions give a big hit at the end of the month, launch them with a bang. This means you have joint partnerships, launch bonuses, and affiliate partners. Each launch should generate serious revenue for your business. So, it is a matter of scaling and reinvesting.

    Starting and boosting an online business is not simple. There is a lot of competition due to which it takes time and tremendous focus. But, once it goes in the right direction, the results are fruitful and encouraging enough to make money online.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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