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  • Thursday 17 December 2015

    Napoleon Hill Money Making Secrets For Millionaires

    when looking at the world as you know it today you may notice that there is an endless amount of opportunities out there for anybody that is ready to get hold of them. I started blogging earlier in 2014 as a hobby because I normally did not have many things in which I could spend most of my time into until I started a blog which has grown into one of the best in world as this blogs gets tons of visitors from around the world. I want to share some of the secrets that have created many billionaires around the world, the secrets that have motivated the likes of Mark Zuckerburg and Pete Cashmore into achieving the best possible achievements that one may acquire as an individual.

    If you pay attention to the information that I am sharing with you right now I am really convinced that you will make more money than you ever thought. there is too much information on wealth creation out there and most of it is nothing but crap because they are simply in the business of making money and not returning with something useful to help an average person prosper and I really dont know why do they hide such important information, but I will share with you a glimpse of it to help you succeed in life into being a multimillionaire or a billionaire depending on  your commitment.

    Napoleon Hill was one of the people who were privileged to work for the worlds richest man Andrew Carnegie who was the founder of US steel, who later taught Napoleon Hill the success secrets that I am going to share with you on the list below.

    • Have a Dream and a Burning desire to achieve it

      This is the difficulty that most people are having difficulty in getting to solve as most people tend to look at their salary before their can start dreaming about success, such dreams are not usually successful because the subconscious mind knows that they have no faith to achieve such success. unsuccessful people always ask themselves "HOW?"  but winners and successful people never think about the HOW first, they always dream first and have a burning desire for its achievement

      The most important money making secret is to define your dream and have a burning desire for its achievement, and once you are driven by the burning desire you will make it in life as a success.
    • You have to feel good when you think about your dream 

      Most people out in the world feel bad about their dreams because they dont have it, you have to feel good about your dream even if you dont have it for example if I was at a seminar with you and rolled your name out of a hat and say you have just won $50,000 and a trip to Italy, then probably you will be happy even though you have not received the money or travelled the destination. Telling you that you have won will not change anything as I am telling but definitely your feeling will change even though nothing has changed in reality.

      You might have a dream now but that doesnt mean you will achieve it now but there is certainty that you will achieve your dream in a certain amount of time even though you have not achieved it yet.
    • Unsuccessful People are surrounded by dream stealer's

      Dream Stealers are the reason why most people arent successful in life all because of people who are always there to discourage them from achieving their dreams, these people have fear fear of the possibility to financial freedom, dream stealers could be your friends, family, spouse and any other person that makes you believe that you wont make on your dream. Successful people are surrounded by people who support and believe in their dreams no matter how big the dreams are.

      If you want to be successful in life and make more money you have to associate yourself with like minded people who will pull in for you, you can do this by developing friendships with like minded people who are success driven as you are.
    • The words you speak will determine your success

      What you say determines your success which is the reason why most people get hung by their tongue. unsuccessful people talk negative about themselves and just by doing that they hang their own lives with their tongue meaning they kill their dreams because Words Have Power. You must learn to speak like successful people as they speak positive about themselves
    • Think about what you want

      This was the secret which was discovered by Earl Nightingale the author of "The Strangest Secret" a novel which reveals that You become what you think about most of the time. this has been proven to be true as most people become what they think the most. my word to you is that you must think about your dreams all the time and have the burning desire to achieve those dreams.
    • You have to read books

      Leaders are always readers which means that to become a good leader you must earn as much motivation and wisdom from reading books because today the world has been corrupted as most people spend time watching Tv, reading magazines, reading newspapers and spending time with dream stealers who will will harden your your attitude and make focus less in achieving your dreams, we develop negative thinking which develops negative transmisssion of frequency which causes Negative things in your life. as an individual willing to succeed reading books should be used to help position you in the way in which you are supposed to think.

    It is easy to become a multimillionaire, you just have to dream about something and follow your dreams and trust me you will indeed become a successful somebody.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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