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  • Saturday 31 October 2015

    How has Digital Eommerce Changed the World

    Well as a blogger you should be familiar with Ecommerce as most of our blogs have ecommerce features and everybody out there is speaking about online shopping and its global impact.

    Ecommerce has been the driving force for online revenue as many people dont go shopping anymore but instead would prefer to buy products online as it probably save them a lot time.

    Facebook and other social network giants have introduced an intergration of shopping buttons which have been made available on some retail shop pages which has made it easier for them to sell products directly from Facebook, without having to visit an external page to process the payment. The rapid growth of digital ecommerce has made a very huge impact in the world today as many people out there are living their lives on it, they use mobile apps, windows, mac and all the the paid digital software.

    It is believed that digital ecommerce is to expand at an even greater rate as the online market seems to expand at a very great rate as most people are getting involved online through social media, retailers and entrepreneurs have seen this as the best way to increase their revenues by getting their businesses known which has made social media the driving force behind digital ecommerce.

    The love of digital content has been so much in Asia as the continent has been so much involved in the development and technology. In the Asian continent the governments have agreed upon supporting this global change by working in partnership with technology companies to bring development in the tech industry. In the United States the same has been seen as most magazines, blogs and newspapers have brought in a idea of online shopping which has made ecommerce what it is today.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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