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  • Monday 21 September 2015

    The Important three Pillars of SEO

    SEO is the heart of the blog success, any blog that is not properly programmed or optimized for better ranking will have big difficulties in meeting it achievements. We as SEO expects we dont really have very much knowledge about how search engines work but in order to get the results we use the errors our sites have in order to predict certain changes that taken place on the internet. These predictions and studies have introduced ways in which can be used to bring better optimization to our sites.

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    Another part of evolving part of optimization is Social Media Optimization(SMO)  which really contributes a lot to SEO. This type of optimization has been the power behind the growth of Mashable making it a very big site at a very short amount of time. In my upcoming post I will teach you more about this type of optimization.

    Search Engine Optimization is probably controlled by some of the most important factors which I believe that every site owner should know in order to position their sites rightly for success. You may happen to rank well and the rank position of your site will fully be affected by whatsoever happens on these factors.

    The Best Three Factors of SEO

    This refers very much to the technology used on the website template which will include some things like CSS codes, HTML codes used, Internal linking structure, sitemaps etc.
    I always recommend bloggers to use premium blogger templates in order to rank better due to the awesome technology used in the construction of the template, if it happens that you want to remove template credits we can negotiate with the template creator only for $3 USD.

    Most site audits usually focus mostly on the template design and how can it be used to help a site gets indexed easily, making it easier for search engines to be able to get content from your site.

    The relevance of a blog will have to do a lot with the content structure of the blog which will also include the meta tags, description and meta title to give search engines an idea of your site content. When search engines crawl a site it does not mean that the search engines understand the type of content the site has unless the author uses meta tags.

    The relevance ensures that search engines properly interprets the site content. Today writing a highly optimized blog post is much more important than ever and that is why your content has to be optimized for better indexing.

    Authority is the name of the game, authority sites are made to rank higher compared to non authority sites because these sites are the most trusted. It is quite impossible for a non authority site to rank well above authority sites unless it has a very good relevance.

    Normally many sites tend to try and get links from other authority sites with the hope of ranking much better because authority is very much know factor for the improvement of a site. Some blogs have been given penalties for manipulating the search engines by try to buy authority links which is a big internet fraud done by bloggers
    Search Engine Optimization is a must for any site. These three factors will help boost the rank of your site given that you do as told by following the tips given on this blog.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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