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  • Sunday 6 September 2015

    How to build a Popular Blog in six Months

    The visibility of a blog is an important factor to it success, through SEO and Proper Marketing some blogs have acquired growth which has made them the media giants we see today.

    Have you ever wondered why it takes a lot of time for a blog or a website to get noticed and why some just take a small amout of time, well you are at the right article as I will be sharing with you different ways which you could use as a blogger to improve the quality of your blog. Some bloggers have been able to turn their small niche sites into blogging giants just by using the right tools and gadgets.

    The success of many blogs does not depend on how long they have been running but it simply depends on the SEO Structure and its marketing structure, which helps them to stand out of the blogging crowd and gets noticed by the blogging audience. There are blogs out there that have been running for years but nobody has ever given some time to even notice them and the main reason they arent getting noticed is simply because they are not providing enough quality content to satisfy their readers are it might be because of the creepy advertisements that they run on their sites, nobody wants to do anything with a creepy site as a result the readers will wont visit it again to prevent any necessary scams.

    SEO structure
    Well probably as a blogger you should know about Search Engine Optimization which is a practise that we bloggers use to help improve the rank of our blogs in the search engines, allowing us to get more traffic from dozen of search engines across the web.

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    Search Engine optimization introduces a site to a dozen of readers across the globe. It is the core success factor of many blogs and Mashable have been using it as one of their best traffic sources. Billions of people around the world use the internet daily and having a good optimized site will help you to snatch some new visitors out of that billion internet users.

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    Marketing  Structure
    As a blogger or an entrepreneur you really need to set up a marketing plan which will help ensure you success a blogger,Marketing is the best thing that any blogger should do in order to get the world talking about their blog.
    Marketing can be done in so many ways as it has a lot to do with getting people into following your blog, marketing can be done anywhere as long as it will get people into visiting your site. You can market your site through social media, guest blogging and having a free ebook giveaway for email subscribers.

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    1. Follow other successful bloggers and learn from them
    Follow other bloggers in your niche an get in touch with them and learn as much as you can from them, I will choose not to recommend any to you but to allow you as the reader to make up your mind about which blogger does it for them.

    2. Make your site useful by solving reader problems
    If your site seems to be useless among readers then that will mean you have an important job to do because that means you will continue losing more and more readers over the internet. Your site should have quality content in abundance and remember not to get your readers bored by not giving them enough content because they will search for other blogs that will give them enough content.

    3. Improve your blogs loading time
    The loading time of a site is one of the most ignored factors in many sites as readers have been very much involved in experiencing common blog bugs such as HTML and CSS errors which makes a site to look disorganized, these errors are one of the causes for some blogs to have unresponsive pages and widgets which causes a blog to load for very long.
    The other most famous factor about the blog loading time is simply too much use of JavaScript which is caused by installing a lot of widgets and plugins. The loading time of a blog does not only affect the blog readership but it will also affect the search engine rankings.

    4. Get the best widgets and tools
    Widgets play an important role in a site as they can help the blogger get to share a message  or a call to the blog readers, don't get widgets just because you want to fill the sidebar but instead you should get them to serve a special purpose to your site.

    5. Get your data organized by using labels and tags
    Every post on your blog should be put in some form of structured data because to you as a blogger you need to get your blog optimized better for good search rankings. Using labels and tags does not only make a site optimized but also helps it to be organised making it easier for readers to browse over different articles.

    Maybe some of you are familiar with the related post widgets that usually appear within or below the blog posts, these widgets organise posts according to their tags and labels because without any tags your post cannot be grouped meaning that it cannot be read or be refferred to certain categories.

    6. Learn as much as you can from other blogs.
    People pay for their ignorance, that is what somebody said to me a couple of weeks ago telling me about somebody who bought a free software for $80 USD which was surprising to me, the same problem many bloggers are facing today is ignorance because they refuse to learn.

    8. Patiently outreach to other related blogs for linking.
    You need support from other blogs and create relationships with other bloggers in your own niche which will cause them to link to your site. The most important thing that one should focus on as a blogger is creating good relationships with bigger blogs which might cause them to link to you while some other might ignore your partnership.

    Most big blogs including us accept guests posts which will give you a chance to get backlinks which will cause the rank of your site to improve. Therefore guest blogging is a must do for your blog.

    9. Choose your best social media marketing platform
    The social media platform that you use as a blogger is important and should not be taken lightly because there are many different social platforms with different types audiences per network. I normally use Facebook, twitter and Google plus to market my content because these are currently the sites with the most of my target audience.

    10. Have a very good attractive responsive template
    In my recent post about the benefits of using a professional blogger template I shared that I mentioned the importance of using a professional blog template.
    Please make use of the content shared on this post to help improve your blog and please read more posts from this site, We wish you the Best blogging experience.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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