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  • Sunday 9 August 2015

    Facebook Launches Live Streaming For Famous People

    It is one of the Biggest moves by Facebook as they had launched their first Live video Streaming at it launch which was done on Wednesday.

    The Live video streaming will be restricted to famous people only which will mostly depend on the the number of followers you have on your facebook page. This video streaming service will be added in the Facebook mentions which was launched in 2014 to improve engagements between the celebrities and the their fans whereby they can respond to their followers questions and comments.

    The Facebook Live feature will show up in you timeline whenever a celebrity that you are following decides to go live and while watching the broadcast you will be able to  like, share or comment without having to get desrupted.

    Accessing the Facebook Live feature will really be  easy as the celebrities will only have to go the the mentions feature, select the post option and from the option they will have to select Live Video to start broadcasting their video whenever they feel like. Celebrities will also be able to see how many users are tuning in the broadcast by easily toggling with their rear camera. Broadcasted videos will be automatically saved to the Facebook Page after the live broadcast. The broadcasts will show on the News Feed as seen on the image below and whenever the fan clicks on the video, the video will start playing.

    Facebook had a video hosting service which was available all users which was hosted by a 3rd party service not Facebook, Celebrities were able to share video on Facebook until the Facebook Live feature was introduced to Facebook which will fully be controlled by Facebook.

    The First Celebs to use the live video sreaming service were Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock", Serena Williams,  and Martha Stewart who were to promote the Facebook video Streaming service on it wednesday launch by going live using the Facebook live feature.

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