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  • Friday 21 August 2015

    Best Hosting For A Business Website and Professional Blog

    It is the dream of every Blogger to find a perfect host, a host that will ensure progress by providing a good hosting service that will improve the trustworthy of the site.

    If you are Running a professional business site or a blog, your reader trust will depend on the host that you use for your site. You cannot host an eStore on a free hosting service like Blogger and Wordpress even though it can be possibly done but it will never work the way it is supposed to.

    Yes you can possibly sell on a free host but it cannot be as influensive as most readers will be looking foward to how serious or trustworthy is the site and looking on how much trust can they be able to put on the credit control of these sites since they don't have SSL certificates except for wordpress pro which will require you a monthly payment. A professional host is a must have for blogs that are looking for growth and development, it is a must have for blogs that are looking forward into improving user engagement.

    In this post I will share two of the most affordable profession hosting serves that are used by big blogs and how do these blogs get to improve in them.

    Free Hosting Services Explained

    Free hosting services are good on savings or when it come to building a professional site but they are are not ideal for running a professional site with thousands of followers because such hosts can have faults and notifications that cannot be removed, one of such is the attribution which cannot unless some html changes are made in the template code and some cannot be removed at all.

    • Limited Bandwidth and Server resources

    The Bandwidth and quality of a free hosted blogging site are limited to a certain extent meaning that these sites can allow you to post a certain number of posts. They are are not ideal for professional blogs and I do not recommend them for online stores because people hardly trust sites from such hosts.

    • Very Poor Technical support

    The Support from a free hosting service is very limited whereby they don't have assistants but instead they build forums whereby bloggers can solve problems. In Blogger there is a forum ran by the Google blog . There is simply No Live assistance.

    Some of the common problems are:

    • Hidden Costs

    • The client has no say

    •Poor Performance

    Professional Hosting Services Explained

    Bluehost is one of the biggest hosting services around the world with millions of business hosting their products on its servers.

    Must Read : Bluehost Review for Bloggers

    No Hidden Fees

    On Bluehost, users are not made to pay extra hidden costs but, the customer will be required to pay according to the chosen hosting plan, plan may vary upon what you are planning to do and on how big is the project that the client want to host. Normal Blogs are only required to pay a monthly fee of $3,95 which will include unlimited website features and a free domain.

    Quick Setup

    Setting up a weblog of your choice on a professional blogging service is not as hard as it is on Blogger or Wordpresd but the reader will only be required drag and paste from a  variety widgets and plugins without having to do some coding.

    On a free hosting service, flexibility is limited as bloggers dont have full control over their blogs making it hard for them to work the way they want to work. Running a professional blog that world have miltiple authors, editors and administrators is very impossible which is the main reason why Mashable had to leave their previous host Wordpress into finding a more professional host.

    Free high level domains

    Once you have signed up for a host, you might as well forget about the buying a professional domain because you will get free domains and unlimited free subdomains that will point to your domain.

    Getting to register a domain has not been so easy because as a blogger you will be required to signup for a hosting account  and then you choose any domain you want and it will be yours.

    The list is too much to explain but these are the things that one may be able to get from a professional hosting service as shown on the list below.

    Unlimited Websites Allowed

    Unlimited Websites

    Unlimited Bandwidth and Business Email Accounts

    100% Money-Back Guarantee if unsatisfied


    24/7 Support

    If you really think and believe that your blog has improved then you should make a step that will boost your site a bring a professional hosting service to your blog.  In my conclusion I will recommend a professional hosting service if you really want to keep your blog moving foward. The hosting service that supports bloggers is Bluehost and I will recommend that you secure you hosting package now and blog as pro. Get it now !

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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