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  • Sunday 23 August 2015

    10 Ways To Quickly Sell Ad Spaces on a Blog

    Selling Advertising space on a blog has been one of the most challenging parts of blogging as very few bloggers really get to complete a sale but some get dozens of requests which shows that there might be something that you are missing as a publisher and this is why I am writing this article as a guide to help bring life to your blog monetization.

    Making money online is simple and the only thing that chases away clients and readers is simply not meeting with their needs because it causes them a disbelief about your site. After blogging for about a year I have found that blogging is not only about making money online but it is about meeting the reader needs and expectations. Once readers have found your blog useful then that is the time you will get offers and business proposals from other bloggers that are looking foward into making profitable partnerships and sales.

    Run a Contest
    Run a contest on your site offering advertisers an opportunity that will definitely fall for which can be free give aways upon purchasing the Advertising Space. A contest works very well as it attracts advertisers that were not intended to advertise on your blog and it creates an awareness of your blog advertisements.

    Give monthly discounts
    Monthly discounts can really attract advertisers in huge numbers as they are all looking for  discounts, Infact everybody in this world is looking for discount opportunities where they can be able to buy quality services at a lower prize. One of the discounts we use is whereby Advertisers that have been loyal with our blog will get an extra two months of free advertising in every six months of Advertising on Ajaxsurf, this had worked very well for us and we are prepared to do more discounts to boost more of our products.

    Make Selling to be much easier
    Selling of Advertising spaces should be made easy on a blog, it is not supposed to be hard but made simple instead, blogger does not have such plugins but there are services like BuysellAds.com and BlogAds.com that can help bloggers sell their Advertising space at a very manageable way.
    Wordpress has a great feature for advertisers known as The OIO Publisher which enables bloggers to quickly sell Ad spaces without having an advertising service that will charge any commissions.

    Sell more than normal
    As a Blogger you must try to stand above your competition to get people into following your blog because out there are a lot of blogs out there that are selling Advertising space out there and if you do the same you will also be like them waiting for advertisers to come up which usaully doesn't go that way. The best way to win advertisers is to do something different compared to other bloggers which can make them fight for an advertising opportunity on your blog, this can be done by giving away Premium Templates and other cool handy things to the first 5 advertisers rather then giving them only an advertising space.

    Have a long term Advertising option
    Mostly big Advertisers normally love long term advertising options as they save them a lot of time and gives them insurance about the long term run of their blogs. Long term Advertising should always have a discount compared to the short term advertisers.
    So if you really want to keep that money comming in then long term advertising should be an option in your Blog Advertising.

    Have a neat template design
    The blog template plays an important role because it is one of the most important factors that attract advertisers because they will find your blog as a great place in which they can advertise their products and also give a very good image of their product to potential customers.
    A neat blog design is a must have for bloggers, it attracts business associates and potential advertisers without them have to do a lot of research about your blog services or minor errors a blog should have, the template design speaks a very lot more than words.

    Have a good relevant Domain
    Have a domain that is interesting and easy to remember for your site, don't try to be somebody else, but have a unique domain that will create an image about you blog, a name that will point to you not at another site. I have seen some bloggers using names such as Mashable tips, helperlogger and all those names derived from those of ther big blogs which is lame really.
    Nobody wants to do business with a shadow but advertisers are looking for unique and eligible for potential growth. So if you happened to name your site after some blogs then I will recommend that you rename and be unique.

    Keep the Site Traffic Improving
    Your site traffic is never enough, Google the worlds number 1 traffic site is also looking for traffic as much as you want it, the traffic of your website should be kept to increase at all times because nobody will want to invest in a falling business, nobody would buy a decreasing stock.
    Whenever a advertiser wants to advertise a product, the very first thing that they will look for is potential traffic that a site has, if it has no traffic then they are not buying in, its that simple. Try by all means possible to increase your site traffic by using SEO, Social Media and other means to keep your blog moving.

    Improve Your Social Media presence
    The Social Media Presence of a Site plays a vital role in improving its growth rate and social media brings new visitors to your blog because even I was introduced to blogging through Facebook and today I have been on one of the influential bloggers because I have seen the effect of social media when it comes to blogging.
    The social presence of the site plays a very great role in the value of a site and its is the most important things on a blog because advertiers know the importance of of social media and the power of it presence on a site.

    Write a testimony Page including your post Advertisers Comments
    A testimonial page is where you put a history of your past advertisers and explain how they have been helped by your blog to sell their products. You can use their photo's and paste some of the conveesations you have had with them. The main purpose of this page is to give confidence to the advertiser that your blog is the right place advertising and promoting of products.

    Bloggers, lets create wealth through blogging and create a lifetime investment. In the past months I have been able to improve Ajaxsurf from a $1500 to $17800 in value which means  that anything is as possible only if you have a winning strategy. What has been you stategey? Make a change today and make things happen.

    As a blogger you cannot only depend on advertising networks and other networks but as a blogger you can also make money by selling advertising spaces and affiliate products on your your site, its that simple.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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