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  • Wednesday 1 July 2015

    Sponsered Blog Posts Reviewed

    The best way to make money blogging is by sponsered blog posts as they can bring in a lot of money to the Blog which is a successful strategy of blog monetization.

    After studing the power behind the monetisation of many big blogs we had to look at the secrets behind their great revenues and it happened that serving sponsered posts is the biggest source of their revenue, Mashable and Techrunch also provide sponsored posts which they normally charge over $20000 per post which is a great income which means by having five sponsered posts on your site can get you an awesome $100,000+ in revenue and when it comes to little and middle blogs sponsored posts costs more than $50 from a small blog that roughly get traffic.
    A sponsored blog post is a post that the publisher gets paid to publish a post on their blog. Which are are either written by the publisher or the Advertiser.

    It is very important that you are happy about the type of posts that you are  serving to your blog readers as it have been noted that some bloggers get to accept some misleading posts, this has been a major problem for many bloggers due to the love of money. The readers of your your blog should always come first because they are representing your blog and losing them is going to affect your blog in future.

    Special Things that make your blog eligable for Sponsored blog posts

    •  Maintain a good relationship with your blog Readers
    A good relationship with blog readers can give a good image for your blog to the public eye and to all the potential clients out there which might get them into doing business with your blog.
    Having a good relationship with your blog readers will not guarantee you that they will be as good as you expect them which has really been a hardship for Ajaxsurf as there has been a lot of spam comments that I receive from some of our respected blog readers and sponsers. Whenever a brand or any niche related company sees your blog, the primary thing that they will look for is the participation and commitment of blog readers.

    •  Have a Professional Blog Design
    A professional blog is a very powerful element in helping you improve the way people see your blog and the way of which your blog gets rated by the search engines and mostly by the brands that have interest in the sponsored posts.

    • Your Contact details should be on the blog
    Try to make your contact details accessable on your blog which will allow your readers to easily interact with your blog. This is mostly recommended by big advertising agencies for approval because the really will not approve your site.

    • Have a good Newsletter
    Whenever any company looks for a blog in which they could submit a sponsered posts or a product reveiw they will always consider the number of subscribers a site has both on Email and Social Media.

    •  Host your blog on a professional host
    Professionals always recommend bloggers to host their blogs using a profession hosting service rather than a free one, but to me it doesn't matter how your blog is hosted but what matters the most is the worth and the quality of the blog which is being used.

    •  Your Blog should have a Specific Geo location
    This is also recommended to prevent any scam and create even more trust between your site and the Advertiser, but it is not compulsary to use as a few advertisers get to look for a Geographic location.

    •  Quality of Blog posts
    Having to post low quality posts on your blog will really down grade the value of your site, Try to avoid posting low quality posts and rate your blog readers as the most important commidity or client that your blog has.

    How to Get Sponsered Blog posts?

    •  Always start at a small affordable rate
    If you are a start into sponsored blog posts please start at low prices until your get more advertisers to publish sponsored posts then you can increase to a much greater price, normally prices start at as little as $50 per sponsored posts published on the blog.

    •  The price of Sponsored posts
    You should charge the right price for the sponsored posts provided by your blog because having a sponsored post is very expensive as for blogs that have PR4 the cost of publishing a guest post is a from a minimum of $500 which is a good price to charge on a blog. Don't just allow any posts just because of the money submitted by the client but you got to respect your blog readers the most as they are the driving force behind a blog.

    • Try to be as professional as possible
    Being professional is not a hard thing to do as it can be easily be practiced by anybody, your blog posts and the style of your blog plays a very huge role in ensuring the professionalism of a blog as it is the main thing that advertisers may look for in a blog before they consider a site as appropiate for hosting a Sponsored blog post. Being professional is not only based on the type of posts produced by the blog but it also count on the important pages by a blog which includes the disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact and About page which fully gives an identification about the blog.

    Focus much more on the readers
    Whenever you publish a post on your blog the first thing that one may consider is how will it affect the blog readers because losing a reader to another blog is one of the hardest things that a serious blogger should worry about because the blog is built for the visitors and I don't find it as a good idea to put the readers at the bottom of the ladder.

    Payments must be recieved before a post get started
    This is the most serious part that has to be taken into consideration because there is a lot fraud happening oline and the only way to survive is by following strict orders to help you survive the online world. Whenever you make any sales online you should always use services that are trusted for credit card processing and if you are selling any Ads or Sponsored posts you must use a payment
    first skill to help you secure security for your site.

    • All links in sponsored posts should be no follow
    This is an important part because it has a lot to do with the Search Engine Optimization and search engines because google is very much against the selling of links which may cause any site found to be selling link for money to be banned by the search engine.
    No-follow links are links that are not followed by search engines but are only visible as text to the search engines and robots. These links are not going to increase the pagerank of a site and neither are they considered to be backlinks just because of their value.

    How to decide a price for sponsored posts ?

    • How Engaged are the Blog readers
    The engagement of the blog readers plays a big role when deciding the cost of a post as a site with engaged readers will really help a product or a service to sell at a price that will guarantee sales just because of the trust that readers have upon the blog.

    • How much Influence You have online
    The influence of the author or the site can be used to make considerations for the sponsored post costs.

    •  How many Sponsered posts you planned for the month
    This can be a matter of an exclusion whereby a post will cost depending on its availability as a stock because

    •  Always know whether you are expensive or cheap
    A friend of mine Sue Anne had always told me not to go cheap because I would really be looking down on my blog readers and the blog as a brand itself because sponsored blog post are not very cheap but should be at the right price unless a certain discount by the site.

    •  The Amount of time spent preparing a post
    At sometimes the blog Administrator is usaully asked by the advertisers to write the sponsored blog posts which will require the administrators time and efforts which may cost a really good price which will not be less than 5% of the offered price.

    Ajaxsurf will be giving your brand to submit a sponsored post on this blog at a value of $20 which will allow a up to 10 no follow links and atmost 2 do follow links delivered to by Ajaxsurf at an amazing value as your will saving 80% OFF per post, please note that this offer will be available until 1 August 2015.

    Well I believe that this is the end of it suppose you have any questions based on this topic please feel free to let me know on the comments box below and we will answer back to you. Happy blogging.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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