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  • Saturday 11 July 2015

    How to Drive Quality Blog Traffic from Google Plus

    Google plus is one of the key sites that successful bloggers use to drive quality traffic to their posts. Traffic is not useful unless it is quality having the targeted audience to your blog which may help drive more sales to your business blog.

    The traffic of a blog is the most important part because it keeps the blog moving and alive because a blog without quality traffic is dead really. I have seen bloggers trying to get blog traffic by performing different activities online to boost their blog traffic with the hope of getting more leads by guest blogging which is a good idea because it will produce good results at the end.

    Social media marketing has become the best blog traffic driving strategy used by successful bloggers online to drive traffic to their sites, In our recent post on how to turn Facebook followers into blog promoters in which we discussed the important basics that can boost your blog traffic while you sleep, that is a masterpiece I would recommend for any blogger who wants to improve their blogs presence in social media. But in this post I will share with you the best way in which you can use to drive quality traffic to your site using Google plus the best market place for blog content.

    Start an Official Google Plus Page for your Blog

    The Google plus pages are not very much famous as those Facebook but they can be an influence in driving more quality traffic to your blog. So you have to open a Google Plus page for your blog as it is very compulsary to do if you want a quick growth in followers.  

    Once you have created your page then you will have to add some customizations which may include adding a good profile picture which can be the website logo or the Icon but make sure it is related to the blog, the other most important thing to be used on a page is a custom wallpaper which will work as banner to give your new readers a clear idea about your blog which will motivate them into following your blog on Google plus. Once you have created your page to a way that you like then you will have to add you website to it and then you will have to verify it.

    Post on Your Google Plus Page

    Your Google plus will have different types of people who will want to see activity on the page before they could start following your page and another possible group of people that may come into your page are newbies who will just follow your blog because of the niche, this group of people will eventually unfollow your page as time goes on.

    The main thing that will keep your page active is by posting shortposts with hashtags to help reach to more readers online and from with the post you can link your blog page to it which will drive traffic to your site. Whenever writing a post on Google Plus avoid using too many words but write a summary instead and share a link to a post with much greater content.

    Make use of Hashtags to Share posts

    You know today we live in a world of Hashtags, if you really want your voice to heard a hashtag is the best part of getting a certain message to a certain audience.

    Hashtags are very powerful as many people use theme to find niche related articles faster instead of using the search engines.

    Send Emails to Cycles

    You got a social newsletter service with Google plus as they give you a option to share posts on selected followers and also an option to email the posts directly to the followers innoxes which will bring old visitors back to your blog.

    Join Niche Related Communities

    Just as Facebook has groups for certain niches also Google plus has groups which are called Communties which are built to interact the people of the same niche, these communities are very handy when it comes to sharing content as they can quickly bring in great traffic to your site. The best way to get the best out of these communities is by joining niche related communities because using unrelated communities can really be a waste of time as most of the readers on those communities are not the required targeted audience.

    Whenever choosing a community to join on Google plus always use the audience number as a factor because communities with high numbers will lead to high traffic to your blog.

    Implement Google plus buttons

    The very important thing to do is to implement Google plus buttons to your blog and from there the buttons will do the rest for you as you will focus on publishing quality posts which will be shared by the blog readers to more readers online.


    The ways of driving quality traffic to a site through Google plus are many but these are the best leading ways to drive more targeted traffic to your blog from Google plus and suppose you have anything to share with us please let us know in the comment box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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