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  • Friday 10 July 2015

    How is Facebook costing Hardware Companies

    The Hardware market has lost over $140 Billion due to facebook and other software giants like Apple, Android and Samsung as they have made technology accessable to everybody at no cost.

    Facebook started as a small site which was intended for Hollard students by Mark Zuckerburg who is currently the company CEO, and later grew into a multimillion dollar company which has billions of online active users which has made Facebook a company that has data centers around the that are to the worth of $141 Billion and the company is believed to experience more growth in the upcomming 10 years as they have introduced facebook Ads are the driving force to its revenue.

    This improvements by facebook has made it easier for people to access big computers and to look their designs and customize them with having to pay any fee.

    This huge infrastructural services by facebook of creating data centers which are the main servers behind the company services are the backbone of facebook. This idea came up with  Jonathan Heiliger one of the most leading members in the Facebook infrastructure team who came up together with OCP .

    What is a data Center?

    A data center is a huge warehouse like building filled with thousands and thousands of computer servers  which used by website that carry over the site main data.

    These servers are  used to host websites and domain names, usaully served by hosting companies like Hostgator in which most companies get to host their websites on dedicated servers. Big sites such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Linux have their own servers.

    The computers that are used by Facebook are under the name Facebook as the company has its first data center created in 2011 and know they have data centers in both Europe and USA which are the main hosts of every data stored and shared on facebook which will include media files and text messages.

    How does it affect the hardware market

    The hardware market is believed to be affected in the next decade after the launch of its OCP which was much based on building and managing data centers which made software to be free to use without having to pay huge costs.

    This move has affected huge hardware companies like Blackberry as they provided software at a price, Linux a well known tech giant is planning to build data centers which will bring free high quality software without having to pay any monthly fees.

    These upgrades done by tech companies have caused many tech giants like Nokia, Blackberry and  to drop in sales, and it is believed it will bring more damage to the hardware market.

    We would really like to hear from you about your opinions towards the $140 Billion hardware market.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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