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  • Sunday 14 June 2015

    Successfully Overcome Your Blog Competition

    Overcome Your Blog Competition

    Overcome Your Blog Competition

    On Blogging there is potentially a great competition that is faced by Bloggers all over the world but that does not mean that you wont be able to make it because of the word "Competition" . In this post I will discuss with you the best tactics that will help you overcome your blog competition within a very short amount of time and by just using a few blogging basics to your advantage.

    Blogs are started daily and by recent estimation it was founded that more than 3 million blogs are being launched on the internet daily which Adds to the 100 million online active blogs on the internet. But Recently I was able to start a couple of free blogs Which I was able to market and they have done well on the internet and more surprisingly they have been receiving good traffic and quality backlinks from different sites on the internet, With the strategies I used there have a good improvement which has motivated me to share with you an article on how to outrun your Blog competition.

    Blogging is Simple and does not require too much hardwork but commitment and strategic planning because running a blog require a lot of Responsibility either than just posting a long thread of posts, a blog needs a lot of commitment in other to grow a blog, Ajaxsurf was not hard to run a couple of moths ago until I started publishing quality well organised posts.
    In Blogger commitment is very important and

    • Social
    Social Media is the driving force of many sites and blogs around the world as there had been a great rate of the sharing of posts online, infact people love to share posts online and that can be simplified only by adding social buttons and widgets on your blog.
    In my Recent post I have shared about the The Secret behind Mashable Success in which I share with you about how did mashable got to reach a margin of having over 20 million visitors through the use of social media. Which displays that social media is a powerful source of traffic if it is used wisely in a good marketing perspective, Yes search Engine Optimization is a good source of traffic as it exposes your site to a huge number of visitors but social media works different and it influence cannot be predicted as it can reach a margin close to 1million vistors per post which hardly happen through SEO.

    • Provide quality Content
    Bloggers say content and well I agree with them on that because I have seen the effectiveness of quality content on a blog and on how it helps improve the quality of a blog before the readers and also to the search engines, content has been the driving force to search engine optimization.
    The type of content provided by your blog will not only give you the best traffic that you may require from your blog but will also ensure an increase in the number of loyal readers on your site because it is very important that you win over your blog visitors.

    •  Keep Promises to Readers
    Keeping your promises to your blog readers plays a huge role in ensuring the growth of your blog, don't be like to spammy bloggers who collect emails in promise of an ebook and end up not giving the readers what they have requested.
    I have seen it more frequently on blogger where spam have been used a key behind their growth, spam can help improve a blog but will cause your blog readers to lose the trust that they have towards your blog.

    Ajaxsurf is not a better blog than most of the blogger blogs but we play it simple by not getting ourselves involved in any type of scams that are done by some blogs, readers hate spam  and they will not want to get involved with any spam sites. If it happens that you are involved in any type of spam then you better remove it association from your blog if are serious to take your readers to a greater blogging margin which will as well enhance great traffic and revenue from your blog.

    •  Professionally Respond to Comments
    The comments shared by the blog readers are to be taken seriously if you want your blog visitors to stick around, your responses to the reader comments should be done in a way that will please both the readers and the you as the blog Administrator.

    •  Go an extra Mile before the Competition
    It is very important that you improve your blog in a way that will surpass the competition of your blog. Always try to go an extra mile by producing very first class news, tutorials and other blog niche related things

    •  Keep your titles to atleast 50-60 characters
    The title of the post plays a big role in the perspective of looking in a keyword wise manner, it will ensure the best possible rank for your site.

    •  Give a unique name to your Blog
    First of all when you want to become a successful blogger, you got to be unique and have a theme that will only point to your blog. Yes there are many blog templates that are used online, you can simply buy one or just use a free version instead of a professional version it makes no difference at all, as a blogger you got to stand out of the millions and stand in the number one position by producing quality content without looking down on your blog.

    If there is a huge blog that you want your site to be like in the near future, then you really have to do a research about them and also try to copy their style of writing and skill and you will really see great improvements on your site. When I started Blogging I always followed top blogs until I was able to reach their level and when I had reached their level, I found out there were more even larger blogs whereby right now I am focussing in reaching those to Blog. The secret to successful blogging is not just about  the competition but it is about working in a way that will reach the even greater competition, so don't focus on blogs that are the same size as your blog but you got to aim even more higher.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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