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  • Tuesday 16 June 2015

    Google Phantom Algorithm Revealed

    Maybe you have heard or noticed about the Google Phantom Algorithm Which has caused many sites to drop down from their higher ranking positions, The phantom update has come in a very unexpected way whereby some blogs and news sites have referred to it as the "Ghost" Algorithm because of the damage it had caused whereby many sites on the internet had to drop from their current pagerank to very low ranks within a very short amount of time.

    This Algorithm is not similar to the Panda or Penguin updates as it is not fighting any internet spam or Search Engine Manipulation but this update is to is very much based on the type of content that is being produced by the blog itself and on this article you will learn how to avoid getting hit by any algorithm update and how you can survive these updates without getting your affected.
    According to MBT they have confirmed that mostly sites with a lot of  "How to..." articles are mostly affected by the Google Phantom update which has affected sites like eHow and Wikihow who depend very much  on the "How to" type of articles as Google has made this move following the Mobile Algorithm which was introduced in April 2015.

    The Worst thing that has happened to the how to sites is nothing more than a loss of traffic being snatched away by Google as they have recently introduced the knowledge graph which has made the content of certain sites to get featured whenever a user searches using a "How to" keyword, the Google knowledge graph will give the answer to the reader without giving the reader an option to visit the site. This had been a very huge loss for this sites because Google is simply stealing the content of these site without allowing the visitor to go to these sites.

    Is Google on War with eHow, Hubpages and Wikihow
    This is the main question that one should ask because Google first introduced the Google Structured and the Google graph which took traffic and also affected many of the related sites causing them to lose thousands of  their readers. And know with the Google phantom secret Algorithm being introduced with the aim to boost the Google graph  by destroying those sites and causing them to rank very low on Google in such that they will lose their reputation.

    How Did this Update Affect Big Sites
    ~Many Huge Websites Have Lost a lot of Money.
    ~Websites lost more than 20% traffic overnight
    ~The Algorithm came by surprize

    How to Recover Googles Secret Updates
    Google is also on the same business as your site is and you got to know that you are competition to them even though your site is dependant on Google and Other search engines but with Google as the leading search engine then that is the reason why Google gets its respect.
    When looking at the recent updates that were made by Google in the past 5 years is the Google Panda Algorithm which was introduced to rank web content by it quality and on 2012 the Penguin Algorithm was invited to reduce all web spam that was used by some websites to bolster their rank in Google and from there was the biggest algorithm which was the well known mobilegeddon which was based ranking mobile friendly sites to rank better compared to unfriendly sites.

    •  Get a Mobile Template for your Blog

    Since Google has introduced the mobile update algorithm which many bloggers were were ready for since it was announced by Google in December 2014 which gave many sites a chance to avoid getting hit by this algorithm update,  but they were not ready for the Google Phantom Algorithm which caused many sites to get hit by the algorithm as even today some bloggers have been questioning as the rank of many websites has decreased rapidly not only on big sites but the smaller sites have also lost big time.

    • Identify the Penalty that has Hit your Site.

    If it happens that your blog gets a huge decrease in its search Engine readers then probably your site is suffering from a possible penalty. My site to was sufferring from the Google penguin penalty early in when it was created in 2014 as Fantasy and Luxury which was a celeb Magazine, the site sufferred due to it lack of unique posts and images because by that time I hardly got time to write quality posts.
    The only way I got to survive the penalty was by removing all the posts that were not unique from the site in such that the site was left with less than 10 posts which was the hardest time for our site but unfortunately we were able to post as many posts as possible in such that we were able to get up to 30 posts a month which really boosted the effectiveness of our site.

    • Write Quality Content

    The quality content by a blog plays a very huge role in the promoting blog to search engines and advertisers who can play a huge contribution into increasing the effectiveness of your blog to the readers in the internet.

    Content is the primary ranking factor of Search Engines and probably no site will ever lose it rank just because of the content it is producing. You have to work hard to produce quality content and you will really the positive outcome that will be produced by that content.

    • Don't focus too much on SEO

    The use of SEO plays a great role in boosting the rank of a post in search engines but with some recent algorithms which we introduced by Google and other search engines SEO has lost it power in such that some sites have been banned because of using Search Engine Optimization to rank their sites because google and other search Engines got their own sorts of webmasters tools as they originally hate any form of Web spam which involves link parties and so on.
    Yes your site must be fully optimised for certain keywords and searches on Google but the way in which our sites run should not affect the bots by using a lot of keywords.

    • Add Optimized Images to Blog posts

    Images play a very great role in improving the rank of a post in the search engines as it was mentioned in one of our blog posts about on page and Off Page SEO tips for Blogger.
    Search Engines Love the visibility of Images on a site but they don't like images that are not given a title or a alt title because search engines find it hard to read images, The images in your post content should at least have a title that is related to the post content and have an alt tag which will help it rank well on Google images.
    The Phantom

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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