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  • Thursday 4 June 2015

    Corruption In The South African Government and SAPS

    Without any surveys being done to display any type of corruption being done by the Local and National Governments, corruption is the main topic that will ring when it comes the governments of most developing African countries  With Nigeria mainly seen as the most corrupt country in the African continent , this had made many investors not to see Nigeria as a  country to which business can be done with and on the other hand is South Africa which is most known for it recent bribes to FIFA to get votes in favour of hosting the 2010 FIFA world cup which made the FIFA president to resign after the breakage of the news which stated that the FBI were doing investigations in they have suspected Sepp Blatter as the man behind the corrupt FIFA and South Africa.

    The News of corruption in the Government are not something new concerning South Africa because in 2014 it was confirmed that over $25 M was spent by the South African government in renovations which were done on one of the president Jacob Zuma properties who has been found responsible for many corruption cases which were done under the South African government.
    Earlier before 2008 was a National Security which were offered by the  Scorpions which was an Agency which was similar to the FBI was forced by the South African government to shutdown after having to dispose the Corruption which was done by some of the Government Top officials.

    The Corrupt SAPS
    Corruption is at a greatest peak mostly on the countries government mostly, when looking with the  public eye as done by News 24 it was confirmed that 83 percent of the South African citizens believe that the South African Police Service is one of the biggest corrupt government services which are controlled in favour of the top government authorities as by the year 2013 South Africa was counted to be among the 36 top corrupt countries according to the Global Corruption Barometer 2013 which has made the Image of the country a complete ruin, As most of the hardworking Citizens have been forced to join into the corruption of the government for them to achieve higher positions offered by the government.

    SAPS Mangement Bribery and Fraud

    According to the investigations we have done with some anonymous members of the South African Police Service, according to the survey we have done with this members we have received reports that the SAPS is not facing corruption only at the public but corruption is done inside the law enforcement system whereby they have confirmed that the SAPS under the Uthungulu district is facing challenges with promotion of Local SAPS members, these member have confirmed that in the past three years there hasn't been any possible job promotions which have been given to the local members.

    It has by some of the complaints have drawn Ajaxsurf to the issue behind the bribery that happens in the Durban SAPS as there have been recent complaints done by the loyal South African Police Service members as there has been reports of a certain posts into being
    When Looking at the Richards bay and Empangeni Police service there has been complaints done by highly experienced members of the SAPS confirming that after passing the interview very well, it would lately be found that the points which were earned get to be changed by unknown members of the South African Police Service.

    The Overpowered Public Protector
    It is true that not all of the South African government members are corrupt as we have recently seen other politican parties trying to stand up to fight for freedom against a corrupt state, Among the great South African anti-fraud activist is Thuli Madonsela the National Public protector and Helen Zille of the Democratic Alliance. These two ladies have been a great impact in the country as they have contributed a lot into fighting the corruption which is in the country, but every point that they raised by these South Africans is usually

    The so called "Consitution"
    The constitution is known as the highest law of the country but  due to the recent high levels of corruption in the Current Government, corruption has made the constitution powerless but just an alternate law of the country.

    Liberty is the hope of Many Nationals
    Liberty has been a hope because there is no Justice in the government of the country as almost everything that is done by the government is corrupted whereby great politicians have been found guilty of a number of crimes but the so called "law enforcement" could not stand in Defence of the constitution.

    The FIFA and the FBI expose The Corrupt South African Government
    Just as the government has also been exposed by the United States of America from it investigations which were done concerning the 2010 FIFA worldcup $10m bribe which was done by the south African government to secure the 2010 World Cup.

    Please feel free to submit any possible fraud that is happening in the Government to Corruption watch or the National Public Protector to help bring justice into the South African government. These two anti-corruption services are not under the government.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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