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  • Wednesday 27 May 2015

    Increase Blog Traffic With Guest Blogging And Blogger Outreach

    Guest Blogging And Blogger Outreach

    Guest Blogging is the driving force for many successful blogs and webdites as it contains a great deal of link exchange, which has enabled new blogs to co-operate with Big blogs creating changes for high ranks in Search Engines. With these guest blogging networks I was able to find some of our best authors who are working in the background of this blog to ensure you with quality blog posts and their work is amazing which is the main reason I would recommend that you get yourself involved in guest blogging.

    Guest Blogging is a great way to get your blog or website to the public as it exposes you to many other blogs related to your niche or category who may accept guest posts from you increasing the number of backlinks your site has and the traffic from search engines.

    How does Guest Blogging work?

    Guest Blogging

    Some People think that guest blogging is out of date which I will really disagree with them because guest blogging enables growth to your site and as well greater optimization. Guest Blogging is the best way of doing an outreach for your blog as it helps to get the site readers engaged to your blog because the internet is filled with Billions of people which are looking for good content who may need you to reach out to them. Guest Blogging is an awesome quick way that can be used to improve the growth of a site and knowing how it works can boost your blog at great  rate.

    1. Backlinks

      Submitting your blog posts to big sites on the internet will not just expose your hardwork to those sites but it will also help boost the google rank of your site making it to appear more on search results and thus getting you tons of traffic to your blogging site. Backlinks are links that  your sites gets from the other sites on the internet which will either improve your site or cause your site to rank very low on the search engines, which means that when doing guest posts you must always take caution of which sites you link yourselves to because Google is strictly against spam sites.
    2. Web Traffic

      Apart from the backlinks that you receive from authority sites you must also take a special note of the potential web traffic that one can receive from submitting guest posts because some authority sites get more than one million daily pageviews which shows that through guest blogging you can get great traffic to your site.
    3.  Authorship

      Google uses what is known as "Google Authorship" whereby Google will rank blog posts by the name of the author, because these days it is not only about keywords and content but Google is now ranking blog posts by authorship. Which means the more guest post you write on authority sites using your Google plus profile the more will the probability of a better rank in the search Engine.

    Make use of Google authorship

    Google authorship plays a great role in icreasing your power and authority as a blog author, it was introduced in the year of 2013 to link blog posts with the post author, with the use of The author attribute which looks like this "rel=author" , this attribute play a great role because the link only will not do the work because it will be considered as any other link within the post or the blog but the attribute will tell the search engine that you are the author of that blog post as shown in the image below.

    Guest Blogging And Blogger Outreach online
    If it happens that you are not sure how to add a rel author attribute to your Google plus profie link the I will recommend that you use this example shown below. You will have to replace the text with your profile url and also with your name which will appear at the link.

    <a href="Google profile URL" "rel=author " >Your Name Goes here</a>

    Your just have to past the code anywhere on your guest post and Google will read it but you have to note that your site will not get any credit unless you link it to your profile, you can do that by submitting your site to the Google webmaster tools and then then Google will send you a verification code to verify the ownership of the site but if you registered your site using a your google plus profile then it will all happen automatically.

    Best Services/Networks to Submit Guest Posts/Articles

    • Blogger Linkup

    Blogger Linkup

    This is the service that I use the most to find capable writers for this blog, Blogger Linkup is absolutely a free service for bloggers whereby the are thousands of articles submitted  by people that are interested in guest blogging and to get backlinks to improve their SEO.
    Blogger Linkup is very simple to use because you list your Guest post offer to their website and it will bevvisible to other websites and blogs looking for guest posts. In the same manner if you are looking for guest posts by other blogs you will simply have to find them using blogger linkup in an appropiate category.
    Blogger Linkup is absolutely free to use, as they charge $0 for each and every listing that you make on their servers.

    •  BlogSynergy

    Blogsynergy is a service similar to blogger linkup as it contains thousands of sites that are registered to receive guest posts, this service enables it users to approach blogs for guest posting and the users can also list their blogs to the server to receive guest posts.
    Registration to Blogsynergy is absolutely free with no costs at all, this service is very much similar to blogger linkup but it has a very high potential compared to bloggerlinkup. This Service has over 2500 blogs that are listed to recieve guest posts and also have an amazing 18000 writers that you can browse for quality guest posts.

    • Guestblogit

    Guestblogit is a community for bloggers and blogs whereby they interchange guest articles, their services differ as the users are required sign up for a pro membership because free members are only allowed to upload 1 article at a time whereby the pro members can list up to 5 articles listed a time. This service also has other features like sending messages and gives the pro subscribers access to their amazing community Blogengage.

    There are hundreds more but these are the best leading free sites which you can use to submit guest posts online, If you you have any questions towards this post or want to share something please do below and we will love to hear from you.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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