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  • Sunday 12 April 2015

    Why We Don't Sell any Ads ? , which type of Ads we Sell ?

    Selling Ads on a Blog or website is not a childs play but it would require some intelligence either than the money which Ads are capable of bringing into a blog, but in terms of user satisfaction we should indeed take coution about how we sell Ads and the type of Ad formats that we sell on our site.
    Selling Ads on a high traffic blog is the best part of an online income stream and they have the probabily of making you rich, because normally a blog that gets about 200 000 visitors a day is likely to make 500-700 USD per day and a site getting 1 000 000+ visitors a day would make a possible 3000-10 000 USD daily from Adsense only. Advertising is the most used online income stream compared to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can also get you tons of income but it is not likely to rich online Advertising even though it does happen that some sites get to make more affiliate income than the Advertising income.

    Why We don't Sell Ads

    This is a question that has been asked by some our blog readers about why we don't sell Ads on this Blog ? the actual answer is that we do sell Ads but we don't like using Advertising services because they display Ads that are not suitable for our readers, these Ads don't display adult content but they seem to give services that are scams and that has made use to be careful about the services we bring to our readers. According to the Blog Policy we have stated the type of Advertising services which we use on this blog which is Adsense and Infolinks which has been assigned to appear on specific pages of this blog.
    So we do sell Ads which are only user friendly, the Ads we sell are mostly affiliate whereby we offer services that are to benefit our Blog readers instead of us. Money doesn't matter to us right now but our aim is to reach the highest traffic we can get and most importantly the trust that we are likely to get from our readers , please note that we are  working towards producing a more Advanced template for this blog, the readers should should expect something special from us this June.
    We are 100% against spam and the type of Advertising we use is not associated to any spam sites or Advertisers, We do by all means to help our readers succeed online and we will never cheat our readers their success, The slogan of Ajaxsurf states  "Your Potential Partner in Blogger Success" which tells that it is our purpose and mission to help all Bloggers achieve their goals in Blogger and start make a huge online income.

    Why We Don't Sell any Ads ?

    The Type of Ads that we Sell
    The Ads that we post on our blog are strictly related to our Niche and they are to benefit both us and our readers, as you can see on the right sidebar are banners and on the header we use affiliate banners which promote web hosting networks and services which could benefit Bloggers and Webmasters which are using the site.

    I believe that your questions are answered towards our Advertising and please if you are looking foward to promote a product through this Blog please contact us or visit our Advertising page . For questions please leave them on the comments section and we will get back to you.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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