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  • Friday 17 April 2015

    How To Turn Your Blogspot/Blogger Blog Into an Online Store

    A Niche related blog is probably a best blog of which you can start, which could be anything which you like talking about or something that you probably love sharing online. Upon that Niche there is a possible audience that  is following your blog niche, which are the blog readers and also the potential customers. People have seen advertising services as an only way of which people can make money online whereby there are many ways which one can make an online profit but the most important one of them all is an online store .

    In 2014 , a lady by the name Chiara Ferragni 27,  was able to make an amazing $8 Million through her blog  The Blonde Salad and the most important part of her blog is that is a WebStore or should I say a "BlogStore" , she runs a niche blog and upon her niche blog she saw a business opportunity of which she could sell her products to her niche readers. She works with a team of 8 bloggers to run her blog and has attracted big fashion giants like Blurberry and Dior, she has become one of the most ever payed bloggers ever in the history of blogging .

    People are scared to start an online store because they fear that running a store on an online store host is expensive, well you should convert to Blogger or Wordpress which are currently allow you to fully customise your site, Blogger is the platform we will discuss today as it is hosted and owned by Google which brings more flexibility to search engines and Google webservices. Google has an online store itself and also a merchant free service which allows it users to embed shopping carts to their Blogs and websites.
    Before getting to create an online store, you have to get a professional Domain at an annual payment of $10-15  and when buying one for your blog make it that you use a .com not a .net or .org Because these domain extensions are not formal for busness blogs. Having a .com blog will eventually cause your readers to start trusting you and start buying your products and your online services.

    As Blogger is under Google I will recommend that you sign up for a Google merchant account which will enable you to sell your products, which can be anything that is related to your blog niche , you can sell plugins and templates if your blog is based on template design , if you are running a blog based on fashion then you can probably sell clothes whereby brands may consider your blog and end up advertising/promoting their products in it. The Niche blog is an Ideal place to make money online because it has the based customers present to purchase any service or product. As a blogger you can sell possibly anything you may want to sell which could be Smartphones, arts, Ebooks and any interesting thing that you can sell online but I would recommend that it must be related to your blogging niche in some other way.
    You can also use the Google checkout or paypal which allows you to install a shopping cart to your Blog, These services are absolutely free but may charge tax as usual.
    If you would like us to give you a service by helping you install carts on blogger please feel free as we charge $10 of our montly whereby you will receive access to all our services which includes customizing you template to the way that suites you.
    We would be happy to see you succeed into making huge online income through you blog, if The Blog Salad was able to make $8 Million dollars then will you let ignorance stop you?

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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