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  • Thursday 23 April 2015

    10 Best Tips to Increase Your Blog Revenue through Infolinks

    Having a blog that doesn't bring in any revenue can be a very painful thing to anybody, having Adsense does not mean you will start making a fortune out of your blog until you Add another Advertising service to your blogspot blog. Blogger is a great blogging service which allows it users to to fully customise their templates in a way that suites them which as well will allow you to start using advertising networks like Infolinks and Chitika. But right now will having a deeper discussion on Infolinks Revenue Strategies. The purpose of this post is to help you make a passive profit out of your blog which will come only from trusted Advertisers who have great paying clients like Facebook and SFI.

    Infolinks is  the  best Advertising service in text Advertising approving both smaller sites and bigger sites a chance to make an online income, Infolinks allows it users to serve in-text Ads which are shown as coloured text on the publisher's and the publisher will get paid for every valid click made.
    As an Infolinks publisher you will recieve your payment through these services :

    •Wire Transfer
    •Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card
    •Local bank Transfer

    Below is a Copy our our payment Slip From Infolinks

    Whenever a reader hovers over the highlighted text keyword an Advertisement related to the keyword will show on the blog and if it happens the reader get to click on the Ad and sign up for any provided service then you will recieve a better income to your  blog, a single click you get has an income but the user action after the click is considered and whenever the reader signs up for a service or buy a product you can get even more income.
    The more clicks you get the greater is the income to your blog , which means great income will only result to greater profits generated by your site.

    If you are not an infolinks publisher, please sign up now to the Infolinks Publisher Program and start making an alive passive income to your Blogspot/Wordpess Blog.

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    10 Ways to Increase Infolinks Revenue

    Matching highlight Link Colour
    The colour of your link plays a very big role because it will make the reader to crawl over that text, but if the text colour is the same as the post text colour then the reader will probably not see the text Ads, Infolinks is simply the best text Advertising network and don't let that chance pass you.
    To set the link colour is simply easy because you just go to In-text and then on the top right corner of your screen you set your desired colour that you want for you intext ads, most professional bloggers would Advise you to make it match your link colour to confuse the blog readers leading them to hover or clicking on the Ads which is very smart way that you can get quick income.
    but I don't use these trick because I am bound by the Ajaxsurf disclaimer which does not allow us to trick our readers into making decisions, but the matching link trick is simply the best.

    Have atleast 6-12 In-text Ads

    I would highly recommend that your have atleast 6-12 in-text Ads on your site to increase the chances of making more online profit from your website.
    Infolinks recommends it users to use the maximum number of in-text Ads , using the maximum number of in-text Ads will allow you to make a much greater profit to your blog because it will increase you impressions and also your clicks.
    Having a maximum number of in-text Ads will depend mostly on how much content you have per page in a blog and , blogs with less than 500 words per post should not  use the maximum number of Ads because it will really anoy the site readers. Try to limit you Ads in a way that will fully suite you and you blog readers. You can freely use maximum in-text Ads if your blog has more than 500 words per post as it it will give the readers some peaceful reading space.

    Use a Single Underline on your Ads

    The type of link text underline used on your infolinks Ads matters a lot more because the type of underline used increases the the number of impressions and most importantly makes your Ads to stand out clearly before the readers.
    Infolinks gives the publisher two options which is to use the dotted text underline or the double line underline. By default the double line underline is set for infolinks which is simply the best for clicks compared to the dotted links, but I would recommend that you use the one that greatly suites your readers and your site.

    Choose the best Website Category

    The Website category plays a very great role on your site because it  acts as a keyword to display the Ads that will match the niche of your Blogsite making the right services available to the right customers. The same strategy that search engines use will also apply with Infolinks, keywords play a great role in displaying the best content to the customers.

    • Use the On/Off  text to increase revenue

    Basically it happens that your infolinks Ads overlap over to the header and sidebar text  which it happens that some people like but I would advise you to use the on page option to better optimise your blog for more profits, because choosing on page will limit your In-text Ads to the post page only.

    Inframe banners to increase clicks

    Inframe banners are very attractive and they can surely increase your online revenue exposing your site to more revenue, this widget is a good revenue source but it can really annoy the site readers. Imframe was the only Banner Ads used by infolinks until The Infolinks Revenue booster was activated by the site to help publishers increase  their Ads revenue.
    I am not in favour of the Inframe Ads because they make your site look heavy ang Spammy and most people dont't like pop up and Slider Ads because they distract the readers more especially those on mobile.

    Infolinks Search Widget for Better Earnings

    This Widget is well known as Infold, this widget works with the infolinks algorithm to track lead searches that are made online by your site readers and displays the relative keywords Ads at the Botton of your Site . This Widget makes your site to look professional and it is also a must have for your Site.

    Produce High Quality Content to Your Readers for Revenue
    Content plays a huge role on any Blogger Blog irrespective of how big or small your blog is. I have seen Blogs rising from as low as 1000 visitors per month into and amazing 100 000+ visitors over a period of three just because they started producing quality content to their readers making them to share the content or either linking back to that content. The more good the content is the better is the quality of that blog increasing the revenue made by the Blog.

    Add more of your Sites

    Well the other Advise that I can assure you with is that you Add more sites which will expose you into multiple venue. If you got more than one site then Add the others.

    Activate the Revenue Booster

    The New Infolinks revenue booster is designed to help both Low and High traffic sites to increase their revenue by displaying Content Ads in Place of the Intag Ads, this widget will work well depending on the width of your Blog template, If you are not on Infolinks then you probably don't know about online profits.

    Infolinks is the best paying text advertising network, I also use it in this site and it generates more and more income to this site, if you want to start earning more money online then infolinks is what you need. Joining infolinks is free a and for your site will get approved with 3 days , but my site was was approved within 24 hours and I believe that you will get approved quickly if you site is well designed and has a traffic of more than 50 pageviews per day which is a starting point for site approval at infolinks. 

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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