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  • Saturday 21 March 2015

    Why you Need a Mobile Friendly Site For Higher Rankings on Google

    Why you Need a Mobile Friendly Site For Higher Rankings on Google , The google mobile algorithm 2015

    A new algorithm will be rolled out by Google which will make the mobile friendliness of a website to be considered a ranking factor on Google. The tech giant has made 21 April 2015 a strict deadline for all sites on the internet to improve their sites to mobile friendly templates. This move has been influenced by the findings that have proved that more than 80% of internet users access the internet via smartphones which has made mobile compatibility as one of the most important factors to be taken into consideration on a site, if you are are using Blogger and Wordpress you are have access to different mobile templates and themes.

    Why you Need a Mobile Friendly Site For Higher Rankings on Google in 2015

    This move by Google is believed to have a very huge impact on the internet as it will affect 40% of the websites on the internet compared to the Panda and the Penguin algorithms which both have less than 20%  on the internet effect when combined together , Google has tried many ways to bring user desired posts to rank much more better with the Panda and Penguin algorithm but with an ever increasing number of internet users preferring to browse the internet via their smartphones.
    Google will be looking for a couple of factors which will define if the template is mobile friendly or not which will include the factors listed below.
    Mobile-friendly factors for sites
    Avoid Software that is uncommon to Mobile devices
    The use of software like flash on a blog is good but it will definately affect the mobile friendliness of your site and also cause your site not to load well in mobile devices.

    Text should be readable
    Text should clearly readable which will not require any further zooming of the text, If you are using a responsive template then you should make sure that the text does not get very small to read by trying to get at least a mobile template activated on your site.

    Content should fit screen
    All the content including images, text, graphics etc. Should into any mobile screen making it easy to read the post without any hard work at all.

    Enough Space between Links
    There should be enough space between links which will make it easier for readers to click on.
    This means that mobile friendly sites will be able to rank high compared to sites that are not mobile friendly but if it happens that your site is not mobile friendly then you will have to activate the mobile template if you are using Blogger or Wordpress , if your hosting service is not able to give you a mobile friendly template then will need to leave that hosting service or try to make your template responsive if it is not. once you are done with customizing your template for mobile friendliness then you may the Google mobile friendly testing tool which will verify if your site is mobile friendly or not.

    Some of the ranking signals will not be affected by the mobile friendly algorithm these factors will include website loading time,  Ranking
    The use of mobile friendly templates is the future of Search Engine Optimization which will ensure that more than 80% of your readers will be able to access your site without any hardships .

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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