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  • Friday 13 March 2015

    How Do Ads Reduce Blog Traffic And Increase Bounce Rate

    How do Ads reduce blog traffic and increase bounce rate

    reduce blog traffic and increase bounce rate

    Blog traffic and the bounce rate are mostly affected by the installations that we have in our blog templates, these installations are a good idea for any site as they can positively influence blog traffic and ensures traffic but the use of Ads on a blog or site was never a good idea in the first place, but with the money that they can bring in Advertising has become one of the best ways for bringing income online, but let us take a look on how they can disturb a small blog from increasing it traffic or reputation.

    In most of these giant blogs and websites according to study there has been a small decrease in pageviews and also a major increase of the bounce rate of more than 10%  which is actually very bad for small blogs and can can reduce the number of pageviews at a great rate. Small blogs get around 0-100  and 100 - 1000 pageviews per day and if they get affected by a huge bounce rate then will eventually suffer a terrible decrease in traffic and it will reverse the growth of their sites.
    Ads have a very high influence in the bounce rate of any site and the more visitors click on the Ads the more the bounce rate will increase.
    Bloggers should use better paying Advertising services that will pay you well for every click that are made by the readers not sell your readers with a price of less than $0.05 per click which is typically crazy.

    Mistakes made by Blogger Newbies in monetization
    Many Bloggers start blogging just because they want to generate an income from their blogs which is wrong, blogging should be done with passion and you must write about what you enjoy most and about what you like, you should not try to be somebody else or try to be another blog but be your blog. I wouldn't blame bloggers for trying to make money online but making money online must be a second option.

    Ads are good for Monetisation
    Selling Advertising space on blogger is much better than having advertising services on your site. It turns your site into a cash cow and helps you pay for the hosting costs and all the possible costs that one may face in blogging.

    How can use the right Ads on a blog
    The Type of Ads that you use on your blog matters the most because some Ads can reduce the popularity and reader trust and some Ads work very well in increasing the reader trust. Selling Adspace and using Adsense Ads has a great level of trust since this Ads are not just found on an any blog and secondly they need quality content.

    Bloggers should avoid using Ads on their Blogs just for the sake of making money as it will backfire to their blog's reputation. They must only use the appropiate Ads and they must Avoid selling Advertising space to Spam sites.

    The Right time to start Selling Ads
    There is always a right time whereby you as a blogger can sell Ads safely without having to lose some of your readers which is by using great and trusted Advertising services which will not disturb your blog readers.

    Location of Advertisements
    There are certain locations on a blog that will probably annoy your readers like having a lot of Ads within a post is really annoying to me possibly because as a reader I will be looking for the quality content not Ads, Having Ads within blog posts is good for monetization but it should be done wisely for excellent results.

    Pop-ups and Pop-unders are probably the worst as they make it hard for readers to access content most importantly the mobile users are highly affected by these type of Ads.

    The number of Ads used
    Too many Ads make a site to look spammy because spam sites usually have a dozen of Ads on them which has made people to think that every spam site has a lot of Ads which I strongly believe that is the same thing they might think about your site. I will recommend bloggers to have a controlled way of selling Ads because you might regret it one day.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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