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  • Monday 2 March 2015

    Email MarketingTips For Building Lists online

    Email Marketing Tips for bloggers

    The use of a mailing list has become one of the most important parts of creating a constant traffic to your blog , beside the traffic that you get from a mailing list but it has a great potential of keeping visitors connected to your blog and helping you to promote your products and services online.
    Let us take a look at email marketing because I have noticed that many bloggers have very little knowledge and understanding about it which is probably a bad thing if you want a constant blog traffic.

    What is Email Marketing
    Email marketing is a practice that is used to sell products and services using newsletters, it has been the best way in which bloggers and site owners has been able to keep visitors from leaving their sites and I will recommend it to all blogging professionals and site owners.

    Email MarketingTips

    Who are your blog's subscribers ?
    this is the most important question that you should ask before getting into having subscribers because most email subscribers are not after the services that you offer but they are usually after the freebies that you offer to them for example maybe you are offering an ebook to build a mailing list then most of these subscribers will be after the ebook not your site , but as time goes on some are likely to follow your blog and all of the available services it offers.
    At the other hand we have loyal readers who are very much interested into your blog services and the content that is offered by the blog, loyal readers are very important to any site because are the engine behind it success and running a scam or spam on your blog can make a lot of bloggers to loose their readers.

    Things that may cause readers to unsubscribe from your blog

    The type of Ads used
    We must avoid using untrusted advertising services that are offering internet scams to the readers because it will all reflect back to your blog and thus causing damage to your site. There are many of these Advertising networks offering spammy ads , these Advertising services are good for monetization but will definately make your site to lose it readers.
    I have used Qadabra and Bidvertiser which are probably one of the high paying advertising services but the bad thing about them is that most of the Ads they have are possible online scams. if you are suspicious about the advertisements in your blog then you can Simply Delete them from your blog because the can really cost you your loyal blog readers.

    Production of low content
    Low quality content will reduce your readers trust towards your blog , when doing some email marketing you must ensure that reader satisfaction is improved. It happens that some of your readers and followers are busy people who potentially don't want their time to be wasted over posts that are low content.
    In my recent blog posts I have always motivated the important of quality content as it plays a big role in improving a blog, and most importantly try to be professional by producing quality content.

    Bad Blog design
    The design of your blog matters the most and I would motivate bloggers to use quality templates for their blogs because most of the readers are mostly satisfied with the beauty and the graphics in the template design. A bad design can cause your readers to lose interest as they may see your blog as unprofessional.

    Involvement with spam sites
    As a blogger who wants to increase traffic I would motivate that you don't associate your blog with spam sites because I assure you that about 99% of readers hate spam and they may unsubscribe from your blog anytime they notice any involvement with spam sites.

    Bookmarking of widgets and Templates
    I know that SEO niche bloggers and webmaster sites like to bookmark their widgets with dofollow links that link back to their sites. Readers hate these attribution links because they make the site look unprofessional.
    Most readers want free premium widgets and services that will benefit them, bookmarking widgets by adding a link of your site is very good for having an improvement on Alexa and the PR but keep it in mind that readers are strictly against it.

    Best ways to Email Marketing

    Email marketing was not my favourite part of blogging until I read some testimonies from other blogger and when I tried it I saw great performance in my blog traffic in a way that every post that was published had a number of pageviews within 30 seconds which shows that In every post you publish in your blog the first traffic to that post is directly from the email subscribers. Below I will show you some simple unbelievable tips to grow your network.

    Email marketing

    •  Sign up for an email marketing network
    Email marketing network have been used by many bloggers and entrepreneurs to make money using a news letter , this currently the best marketing strategy as it sends the message directly to the target customer. The newsletter is mostly used by many companies around the world to contact customers and keep them updated about their products and mass sales. It is simply the best.
    The most active Email Marketing network used by online businesses is Aweber which has a lot of awesome features that can make your email marketing campaign a success , You Aweber sign up for Aweber at as low as $1 in your first month . Apart from Aweber is also another quality Email Marketing network that has been used by many bloggers had been turning to Mailchimp which is free for the first 2000 subscribers you get and then then they will start paying  continous monthly payments.

    •  Offer some freebies to keep your readers connected
    Many readers that enter your blog daily are not interested in signing up for your blog but they are only after the content that is offerred and once they got it they are gone from your site and it is very likely that they may return, this is a problem that most site owners are facing and it is very hard to control until an investigation showed that offering ebooks and other free useful resources to the readers in exchange of subscriptions has a potential of increasing email subscribers to a stunning rate of 400% or more.

    •  Have a responsive newsletter
    A responsive newsletter is a type of newsletter that is easily accessible through all display screens, this includes mobile phones and also tablet devices because it is very true that some readers will also use mobile phones instead of a computer to access your site.
    Using a responsive newsletter ensures that your readers will receive the posts the way you want them to appear, and plus it will make your revenue chances to be unlimited.

    •  Use RSS to Mail Feature
    This type of feature is very common to blogger as it is also available at Feedburner which automatically sends latest blog posts to the mailing list.

    •  Avoid too much promotion
    Too much messages on an inbox are really annoying to anybody that does not want to get their mail boxes flocked with unwanted messages. I will really motivate that you try to post less than 3 messages to your mailing list . I myself hate to get my mail flocked with messages.

    A blog without email marketing is incomplete , every site should have a list of subscriber that are connected to its services.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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