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  • Sunday 15 March 2015

    Christiano Ronaldo becomes the most liked person on Facebook

    the most liked person on Facebook

    The Real Madrid and Portugal star has once again topped the charts of being the most liked person on Facebook getting to overcome Shakira the long leading celebrity by getting more 107 Million likes on Facebook.

    The Real Madrid star has been much involved in Fashion whereby he has been working with many brands that have used Ronaldo's face to promote their products which is believed to be the reason of which he was able accumulate a stunning 107 Million in a short period of time and the most amazing thing about Ronaldo is that he is not only the most followed on Facebook but he is also leading on twitter with more than 34 million twitter followers .

    David Beckham was also one of the most leading athletes on Facebook until the great Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi got to break fantastic football records which indeed had brought the attention of many people around the world, the achievements of these players are so great as they have made records which may take decades to break in the history of football. Participation in fashion, and other works is probably the great way that the Star was able to get all of the attention from fans around world being able to beat Lionel Messi who has more than 87 Million likes on Facebook .
    Christiano Ronaldo becomes the most liked person on Facebook

    Ronaldo is probably doing well on social media but in the pitch he and his team seem to lack as they have been second on La Liga which has not been a good season End as the team seems to have some tectical problems because there haven't been playing the way they did from the beginning of the season .
    Apart fro the teams hardship but the team itself ranks well of Facebook ranks 11 on Facebook with about  83 million followers on Facebook.

    Top 10 Most Liked Athletes on Facebook

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo (107m)
    2. Lionel Messi(78m)
    3. David Beckham (52m)
    4. Neymar (52m)
    5. Kaka (33m)
    6. Ronaldinho (31m)
    7. Mesut Ozil (28m)
    8. Michael Jordan (28m)
    9. Andres Iniesta (24m)
    10. Kobe Bryant (21m)

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