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  • Wednesday 4 February 2015

    Race is still a Dividing Factor in SA

    SA government responsible for racial division

    As a result of too much fraud  and racial oppression happening in the government today many have been questioning if the government of South Africa had waited for the death of the true leaders so that they can reap of the hard work that was brought to bring freedom and peace to the people of South Africa. In the past history there had been great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela that fought against racial oppression which the world has faced in the last century, In the united states in December 2014 there have been great marches and fights against the government after an African American boy was shot by a white officer which brought a march that made headlines in international newspapers.

     It seems like most of the people still hold racial grudges against their past oppressors even though  it has been agreed that peace is the only way to bring a nation to better growth but yet there are grudges that people tend to have on the colour of the skin. The most common message which the was taught by the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was to teach that the colour of the skin is not a factor and it has never been a factor but the main problem that made the colour of the skin a factor was just because there was too much fear and hatred within the people. One of the statements that were released by Nelson Mandela was that he had received a letter from a person that wanted no peace, the the members of the ANC, IFP  and UDF wanted no sharing of power with the members of the apartheid government but  Nelson Mandela who was with them requested that there will be a peace and a sharing of power in the new anti-racial government.
    Racial oppression in South Africa

    Great leaders in the world were motivated to work with the South African government into improving the economy of South Africa and have brought fourth good relations such that the economy of South Africa has reached a level whereby almost any other country in the world have found South Africa as good country for investments and relations. Since the year of 1994 since nelson Mandela was voted the first president of the democratic south Africa there been a promising growth in there economy whereby the White, coloured, Black and Indian communities have joined together into being a single body of South Africa. Peace between the racial groups has been established within the nations but there is a big problem whereby some people are found to have hard hearts such that they cannot find a reason to forgive and move on to live a life of freedom, a life without fear and hatred, a life where a human will be not classified by the colour of the skin but will be classified as a human .

    The leaders that helped fight against racial oppression made great effects into this world and brought hope for a better 21st century and today we have seen a world  ‘racial oppression’ whereby the people of different races joining bonds as the dream of Martin Luther  King Jr. where he dreamed to see  Blacks and whites as sisters and brothers a dream where all citizens of the country will be under the name of a nation and under one law set by the government, President Barak Obama the President of the united states has shown great love for the freedom hero as he once said in his speech that the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela has aways been his inspiration and his role model as he wish to have the same leadership skills as those of Nelson Mandela which every leader wishes to follow. Today the United States of America and the Republic South Africa have joined forces to fight against the racial oppression and help the other countries to fight against fear and hatred.

    The government of South Africa seems to deviate from the dream of Nelson Mandela as the political leaders seem to have been saying harsh words which have caused many debates in the country whereby political leaders like The current president of South Africa Jacob Zuma , Julius Malema and most of the leaders have blamed the white South Africans for the current problems whereby the government have started a system known as the BEE ( Black Economic Empowerment ) which has costed many business men and women to be forced to have 50% of their business stake to any Black south African, this law has made many white South African businesses and Farms to live in fear and hatred . The government must practice what is right for the people and give no tolerance to the discrimination by the colour of the skin.

    Racist Jacob Zuma
    There has been great levels of fraud in the South African government whereby by Central Intellegance  Agency of the country was forced to shut down  by heads of the government because it was targeting most members of the government ,and late in 2014  it was announced that the number of investers that were decreasing as many feared that that the levels of fraud in the South African government has increased dramatically, Fraud is very high in the country whereby almost every government related services are only accessable through bribes. The former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela was not only killed by the lung sickness that he had but he was killed by the corruption in the government.
     According to the mail and guardian new article about a meeting that was held this week it had had been confirmed by FW de Clerk, this had made many south Africans to question if the government was happy about the death of the former freedom fighters as they have brought laws that have oppressed some racial groups.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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    1. That is true the people of SA have to act towards this

      1. yes freedom from racial oppression is the dream of any nation , but I am sure that it all begins with us as individuals


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