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  • Friday 23 January 2015

    Tips to Reduce a Blog Loading Time

    How to reduce a blog loading time

    The loading speed of a site has big influence to the SEO of your blog and that is why I share this post to give you an idea on how you can reduce the time which your blog loads by giving some important SEO tools. In this post I will discuss some basic tips that will help you reduce your blog loading time and also bring you a huge increase in the traffic of your blog.

    This has  been a factor that many bloggers is ignored by many Bloggers and to tell the truth I also did not give any special note on my blog loading time in a way that I would have a lot of images on my blog sidebar and I really did not know about the possible effects of using a heavy webpage until I discovered that my blog  loaded more slower than any other sites on the internet. When I learn about the loading time of my blog I discovered the importance of reducing the loading time of my blog.

    How To Check Loading Speed Of a Blog or a website

    I have shared some amazing tools below which can be very useful to track the estimated load time your blog has.


    Google Page Insights

    Pingdom Website Speed Test

    how to reduce a blogger loading time

    The tools shared above will not reduce your blog's loading time but they will give you a estimation of your blog's loading time but the with the simple ways below you will learn how to reduce the loading time of your blog .

    12 Approved ways to reduce a blog's loading time

    1. Reduce the Amount of images on the template

    The use of images on a website template has been the smartest way to make the a template more beautiful and attractive, even myself love to use images on my template but I am limited at some times to use very few images just because I fear that my blog loading time might be increased. Using a lot of images makes your template to look good but actually it will slow down your blog which may cause your blog to loose some of the most loyal readers.

    2. Use a proper coded template

    The coding of a template is what makes your blog to look unique and special compared to some other blogs, but such templates are mostly not approved when trying to analyse the loading time of a blog , so please avoid the use of over designed templates and most importantly watch for JavaScript and JQuery  of the template because it may cause unnecessary template data increase which will cause your blog to load very slow.

    3.  Too Much Use Of JavaScript

    JavaScript can be found in many template widgets which and also on Advertisements by Adsense, Media net , Chitika, bidvertiser etc . Which use java script to record the performance of your blog and the Ads placed on the template. JavaScript is probably a very heavy coding which should not be overused but should be used at a suitable quantity.

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    4. Avoid Popup Widgets, Ads and Subscriptions

    Pop ups and Pop under widgets are the most time consuming widgets as the use a lot of Javascript and they as well alter with the loading of your blog. Pop ups and pop unders can help a lot in increasing blog followers and subscribers but they are limited because they are mostly considered as a spam in some search engines and believe when I say they are prohibited by many browsers and search engines. You can use them for a short time period or just add a widget on the sidebar instead.

    5. Compress Javascript files

    There some Java widgets which are must haves in a blog which should not be removed but also be compressed using services like the online CSS compressor or JavaScript compressor, It is simply the best tool

    6.  Avoid using Too Much Widgets

    Using too much widgets may be tempting but it is not a very good idea because they will introduce a lot of javascript which will as well cause your blog to load very slowly. So please use only the widgets that you want to use and avoid the use of unnecessary widgets because they will probably cost your blog time.

    7. Have a limited number of images

    It is very tempting to use images in a blog post because images are also a good source of SEO when it comes to Google but it can negatively affect your blog so it is important that you try by all means to reduce your site load time. In blog posts your must at most use less than 5 images but if you are having a gallery blog that will require you more the 10 images per post then you should use a template with a navigation.

    8. Reduce image size

    Apart from reducing the number of the images used but also take note of the size which is used by the images

    9. Don't use a lot of Advertising services

    A lot of Advertising services can make your blog to look like an advertising websites or spammy sites which has a lot of Advertisements , so please try to be careful about how you place your Ads
    because it may have side effects as I have mentioned in the start that they use a lot of Javascript.

    10. Have at most ten posts per page

    Your blog home page also needs a better ranking on search engines so it is very important that your blogger blog loads faster and that can be done by reducing the loading time of the blog.

    11. Avoid broken links

    Broken links are not only bad for SEO but they are also bad when it comes to the loading time of your blog, so I will motivate that you reduce the broken links  especially on your front page and you will see a positive outcome.

    12. Improve your site rendering

    When talking about the rendering of a site we refer to how fast will a browser convert images or template widgets to appear on the screen, this can be altered in a SEO friendly way by adding a code just under  <head> 

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset= utf-8" >

    This code will cause any internet browse to quickly convert you webpage which is also used by top blogs like MOZ  .

    I have tried these ways which have performed very great results for my blog in the past years and I will greatly motivate you to give something special to your website by reducing the loading time. Happy Blogging

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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