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  • Thursday 22 January 2015

    The Right Time for Advertising Networks and making money

    there is always a right time when  you can have advertising networks on your blog and it is certain Most Bloggers when they start advertising with the aim of making money which is not a good thing to do but should be done at the right for some good SEO because having a rush over money will damage your blogging career.

    I know that you have heard some success stories from other blogs like making money John Chow on how they have been making money online, John Chow is a friend of mine and has helped many bloggers make money online with his blogging services but you have to admit that you are not making enough money on your blog and I am to help you start making real money from Advertising smarter on your Blog which has helped many of my readers who are following me personally and one of this bloggers is Ankit Kumar Singla of Bloggertipstricks.com whom I am proud of as they have motivated me to continue helping other bloggers around the world.

    Best time for Time for Advertising Networks  on Blogger

    As you start a new blog with less than 10 posts you must not rush to get it indexed on search engines because when you allow search engines to index your page they will give your blog a bad page rank and also a very bad reputation which can be very hard to restore in future. Most Bloggers have created beautiful potential Blogs with very awesome content but the problem that they have is that they had been ranked very bad and they had to work their way up the ladder which will definately cost you a lot of time . I will recommend you to follow this short blogging time table to guide you to better traffic and to better Ad revenue.

    When Should You Start to Monetise a Blog

    Create a Blogging plan

    Running a blog is very much like running a business and every business has a business plan with short term and long term goals, one day your blog will function like a business and a lack of planning will affect your blog negatively.

    • Make up your niche

    You should decided what you will want your blog to be about and choose a responsive template of your choice, the hosting service that you like (I will recommend BlueHost) and the domain name which will be atleast 50 relevant to your blog niche.

    Fully optimize your blog template

    SEO has been the best part of any company as it helps increase the web rank of your blog this includes Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, content and updates.

    • Start creating blog posts and some important pages such as the About us Page, Sitemap Page, Contact Page, Privacy policy  and all the other important pages that can best describe your blog to the readers . Creating these pages will make readers know more about your blog and once you are satisfied with your blog pages and at least having 15 posts then you can set your blog visible to search engines and start submitting your blog for indexing.

    Once your site has been set visible to search engines then you can start doing some promotions through social media and many other platforms that will attract readers to your blog.

    • Once your blog has reached 20+ published unique posts  or gets more than 100 page views per day then you can apply for high paying Advertising networks like Adsense, chitika and infolinks.
    But these services are not really going to make you much profit at the start which means that you will have to give your blog some time to grow and expand because the use of Java script will really make your blogger blog slow which will cause some readers to loose patience and might as well end up leaving your blog.

    Java Scripts are used by advertising services to track the actions of the blog readers which includes impressions and the Ad clicks. if your blog is new and running please it some time to have a consistence reading.

    • Once you have reached a level of 1000+ page views per day then you will have to introduce direct advertising services like BuySellAds, Publicity clerks and Blogads which will help you sell you blog space directly to Advertisers .

    As time goes on you will have some readers requesting to guest post on your blogger blog or some might want to use your blog to promote their goods which will require you to start selling services and Advertising space to your blog  readers.

    • Once your blog has reached a level whereby you reach around 10 000 page views a month  then you will have to apply for a paid better hosting service like BlueHost and Hostgator whereby you will be able to hire some of your readers to help you run your blog.

    At this stage you will also make a lot of money through affiliate programs , at this level you will be able to sell more than 10 services and products per sale which will be making you a profit of $250+ per day just from affiliate programs only . As your Blog reaches such growth then you will be able to sell ebooks and your own SEO services to keep your blog running and making real cash. But please dont focus a lot on money but instead do what keeps you blog into being the best blog and always love your blog as you did on the very first day you started your Blog. So with such great traffic you will be able to sell more than 100 000 copies from your ebook direct sales in your blog, but I will motivate you to create 2 - 3 ebooks per year and any more than that will definitely cause your readers to loose interest about your services, so sell atmost a single product in three months in a 3 month interval.

    • Finally your blog is making enough money and your readership is impressively growing which will fortunately mean that you will have to hire you blog readers to help update some old posts , respond to the readers inquiries, Social promotions, finding quality guest posts, template updates and optimization and all other responsibilities that you will be on your blog.


    Blogging has the ability to earn you millions of dollars and it is very important to know the right time in which your blog can start making money.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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