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  • Monday 12 January 2015

    How Does Duplicate Content Affect SEO

    duplicate content on blogger and how does it affect SEO

    Before going further on how does duplicate content affect SEO it is very important that you know that the copy paste type of posting is not good for your blog.The copying of content is a major thing in the world today which does not have to do with the internet only but it is also influential to the music industry, movies and as well everywhere you will go, you will always find a duplicate of something.

    It has always became a style in the internet which I myself was also addicted to until I learnt more about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and since the time I started to produce original content from my Blog I started to have a lot of traffic which means all the copied posts I had on my Blog did not get me any traffic to my blog, but instead it gave my blog a bad representation to search engines.

    Does duplicate content affect SEO

    As a blogger it is very important that you produce your own original content on your blog which will give you a good image in search engines because your online profile has an effect to the ranking of your blog and that is the main reason why most bloggers are encouraged to do some guest posting if they are having difficulty in getting blog traffic, there are many blogger blogs that will allow guest posting which will include Bloggeryard, Moz, MBT, Netoopsblog and many other blogs on the web.
    Google has updated its algorithm by introducing what they call Panda which enabled Google search bots to deindex duplicate content from their bots which simply means that the copied content wont be available to the search engine's databases and will not include any content which is a duplicate but instead they will show up the original content in the search results. All the other duplicates will be ignored and taken as the same content as the original post.

    Having your website content copied by other bloggers will not affect your rankings in major search engines but might have it in those cheap web directories which are not up to date. The Google Panda has been a great help to tell search engines whether the content posted by a blog is a fake or not.
    Bloggers must try to avoid to copy paste blog posts from other blogs into their blog but instead they should have ask for guest posts from other bloggers which can be available in a very popular network known as blogger linkup where you can find guest posts on niche related posts and please note that signing up is free and you can use the site as a guest. I had also used the network to find authors for my other blogs.

    Please try to produce high quality blog posts and please avoid copying content from other blogs because it will not be easy to reduce the side effects of it. many professional Bloggers today are having difficulties with their blog post being indexed on search engines just because they did not obey the rules of the search engines.

    there are many types of webmaster tools that can be used by bloggers to see if there are any duplicate content on the web, these include services like Copyscape which shows duplicate content of any webpage on the internet and many more sites.

    The good way to Copy content

    Google and search engines are not really against the coping of content but they are fighting increase of duplicate content which contains about 30% of the content in search engines, so search engines have decided to group all duplicate content to be under the original post but the copied content must have a link of attribution which will be dedicated to the original mother site. in the example below I have shown a way that will work and also accepted by Google when copying content.

    Why would another blogger link to you? Because you have a great post that her readers might find useful or interesting. Not because you have nice design or optimized keywords but the content builds backlinks. The most important people on a blog are the readers and it is very important that they are pleased with your blog content.


    In the above example I have quoted/posted  some web content from another webpage in my blog and I have used an attribution link to tell the search engine that the content is from another website and it will be indexed . the link plays a great role because if it is not used then your blog will definitely confuse the search engine which might cause your webpage to appear spammy and will be deindixed from the search engine database.


    But most importantly  try to produce original content for your readers and you will probably see the good results because Search engines are likely to rank posts according to their unique content and a post taken from another blog with an attribution link is very less likely to rank more. If you have any questions towards  wish you the best .

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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