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  • Tuesday 27 January 2015

    Five best investment ideas

    5 best of all investment ideas

     Most investers would have noted the major investment conditions which have been in the year  2014, It is very important that  you get important investment tips which will help many traders and investers to make a lot of profits from their investments. In this post you will learn the five best best investment ideas that will help many you to do your investments safely in 2015. In this awesome post by Alexander , you will learn some best facts and tips which will help get you that good move in the Forex markets.
    Stormy 2014

     2014 was a turbulent year for financial markets. We witnessed slump of oil and Euro prices as the US stock market again demonstrated a confident growth. 
    As most investers should have note the  investment conditions which were faced by the markets in the past year of 2014 , in this post you will learn the five best investment ideas which have been shared by Alexander Gloryachev who is a professional Forex analyst with seven years of trading experience to help you with making the right investments in 2015 .
    best investment ideas
    What shall we expect for 2015? Global crisis shadows the reports of many experts but it is just the time when some traders including Forex investors make their millions.

    We prepared a number of best investment ideas for you.

    US dollar

    Consolidation of US dollar follows recovery of the US economy and how it is impossible to imagine this currency retreating. US monetary authorities confidently move on their way of tightening of the monetary policy.

    All Forex investors are now expecting that key interesting rates in the USA will be lifted up. This is the crucial factor driving US dollar. Now it is hard to name specific time, but the most probable thing is that first increase in rates on the federal reserves will be announced in Summer 2015.

    US stock market

     US stock market is as attractive for investments as the national currency of the USA. Of course, its growth is not dependent on the Fed Reserve’s stimulation. High tech can be considered as the driving force of the US stock market. This asset is among the best once reserving its high potential of return.


     Investment in gold has been traditionally considered to be very reliable. Now prices for the yellow metal grow but slowly. In the first half of 2015 year, we can expect drop though. Reduction of the inflation pressure we are witnessing now is negative for gold. As inflation goes down, investors try to get rid of gold.

    Since gold is always the hedging tool against inflation risks, stock and Forex investors track inflation in developed states. Collapse of oil prices made inflation go down and forced investors to focus on more risky assets. In this regard, we can predict decline of gold prices to the area 1050$ per ounce, from where traders can buy. The only drawback of this idea is that  it requires quite a long payoff period and is not for those wishing to make money in a short time.


     This is the investment metal.

    Price of palladium is attached to the state of industry. Demand in this metal is high indeed and since reserves of palladium are limited, palladium is in a short supply. Its price grows in the long run.


    In 2014 we witnessed collapse of “black gold” quotes. One of the reasons is the oversupply. USA along increased its production to almost 11.5 mln. barrels per day, whereas Russia keeps its level on  10.9 mln. barrels and Saudi Arabia  10.5 mln. barrels. Oil quotes dropped a lot but technical correction  is round the corner and you can earn on it.

    In 2015 we can expect further growth of Brent quotes up to  65/70 USD per barrel.

    Alexander Goryachev is a Forex analyst with 7 years of trading experience, who advises beginners in the Forex market how to trade effectively. He works for an online Forex broker, FreshForex.com. 

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